The Demon Hunter Returns

"That does not give us much of a choice. we can hit them when they move her or break her out," said Samuel. "This place is a temporary base we have here. we should fiend a place farther into the mountains" he said to Deckard and Crystal. "My thought on this is to get her out when they transport her to the Pit. It will be our best chance. I have scrounged some supplies but not much." Samuel said with a big smile.
he looked back at the pile of equipment. I do think we have enough to pull this rescue operation off though" He says.

"By the way Deckard, I know Jhonen trusts you but I don't know you well. If you are crossing us in any way. There will not be enough of you to identify." said Samuel.

Deckard laughed. "You are the ones who defeated the Crimson Queen and demolished her kingdom. You are heroes among The Syndicate, and Jericho in general. In spite of what The Council says."

"Besides... We wouldn't want to make a mess now would we?" Jhonen said as he entered the hideout with Matilda in tow, a foot brace binding her leg.

Once the excitement died down Jhonen looked to the others. "I'm sorry for what happened. Your careers have been destroyed because of me and you all will no doubt be labeled as fugitives with the Dragoon themselves coming after us. But it's clear that we have a major problem on our hands. The Jericho Council is compromised. Our very way of life is threatened. We have to do something about it."

Matilda sighed and took a seat and nursed her foot. "Anyone got something to help with this?"

"We need to get Hilda out of jail. I agree with Samuel. We'll have to bust her out once she's been transferred to The Pit. However... we're also missing another... Aurora... the Uplifted girl we saved from Golden Peak. She's gone missing from her safehouse and hasn't reported in. We will need to find her as well. So we'll have to split up." Jhonen looked to Crystal. "Since Samuel has put you in charge..." He smirked at Samuel. "You're welcome to pick your team and decide which to go after. Aurora or Hilda?"

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