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That was until Jhonen asked her to pick a team and split up." hold on guys I can't lead, I don't know how someone else should be in charge of the second team." She said. She did not want that kind of pressure.

Inara listened to Crystal's denial and rolled her eyes. Of course, the one best fit to lead would think she was not capable.
Matilda sighed and took a seat and nursed her foot. "Anyone got something to help with this?"

Grinning, the brunette stepped over to Matilda and produced a small jar from the bag at her hip. "Here ya go, darlin'. Rub it on whatever hurts an' it'll heal right up." She explained with a kind smile, eyes flashing multiple colors with her joy at being help someone.
Glancing to Jhonen, she decided to add, "Just don't eat it. Yer daddy might not forgive me for what happens if ya do that."

Samuel laughed some "ya don't eat that, Even a dragon would not bite you if you do.' he added. He turned to Crystal "even Jhonen will tell you Leadership is seldom wanted and is usually just given to those who others think that can do it. Rely on people around you. Seek their expertise. off of that form a plan it's that simple." said Samuel reassuringly.

He turned to look at the equipment "You're right there is not much and we have been spoiled in the past. We have all done more with less This is what we trained to do. With the dragon's support, we can do it" he says with confidence.

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