Grinning, the brunette stepped over to Matilda and produced a small jar from the bag at her hip. "Here ya go, darlin'. Rub it on whatever hurts an' it'll heal right up." She explained with a kind smile, eyes flashing multiple colors with her joy at being help someone.

Glancing to Jhonen, she decided to add, "Just don't eat it. Yer daddy might not forgive me fer what happens if ya do that."

Matilda smiled and nodded at Inara. "Thank you." She took the jar and began applying the healing slave on her ankle, finding much to her surprise that it seemed to dull the pain instantly. "Wow... strong stuff!"

He turned to look at the equipment "You're right there is not much and we have been spoiled in the past. We have all done more with less This is what we trained to do. With the dragon's support, we can do it" he says with confidence.

Jhonen shook his head. "We're not fully going without... I was prepared." Jhonen looks to Deckard who smirks and nods. "We have the things you requested. I even threw in some extra goodies... and thank you from The Syndicate to the people who wiped out The Crimson Kingdom..."

"What sort of things?" Matilda asked, surprised to find she can put weight on her leg once again.

Deckard led them deeper into the hovel and through a winding series of underground tunnels until they reached a large chamber that was clearly built by The Old Ones... the ancient race of aliens who had once called Jericho home... The chamber appeared to be some sort of dry dock with a modestly sized airship nestled inside.

"Wow!" Matilda marveled.

"You guys did outdo yourselves with this." Jhonen said.

"Glad you like her... She's fitted with a stealth system so she should help you keep a low profile to launch missions from. She's fitted with antigrav so she can stay up for a long time but she also has repulsor jets for when you need to get out of a hot zone pretty quick. Room for you, your dragons, and then some. All she's missing is a name..."

Jhonen looked to his team and smirked: "Anyone got any suggestions?"

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