Conversing With A Scythe

Inara smiled, happy her medicine still worked so well. "I do my best," She chimed, ignoring Samual's commentary. She did not appreciate people making assumptions about her hard work. The scythe wielder had spent most of her life concocting these medicines and serums.

It was all a result of her work to help dragons and their dragoon alike.

Jhonen looked to his team and smirked: "Anyone got any suggestions?"

Looking over the ship for a moment, Inara thought for a long moment and pulled out her scythe. Letting it extend, she smirked. "What do you think, Dearest? Should we suggest that?" She inquired with a giggle.

Dearest replied with a long vibration along its blade.

"Oh, that one? I don't know..." Inara let out another giggle before turning her attention to Jhonen. "Dearest things it should be called Wind Slicer."

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