Wind Slicer It Is And One Less Worry

Jhonen shrugged, the only one that seemed fitting was Inara's suggestion. "Wind Slicer has a good ring to it." He looked to Deckard.

"I'll get the boys on painting it on the side." Deckard nodded.

"As for Aurora and Hilda... We need to come up with some information on where Aurora went. Hilda will be tougher. She's already locked up in The Pit. We will have to think of something..."

"I wouldn't worry about Hilda..." A familiar voice said from behind the group...


One Day Earlier - The Pit - 0300 Hours

The dragoon guards of the pit often did their shift change midday. However Lionel was one of the rare few who was stuck in the "dead zone" shift that meandered between the day and night shifts. He was already tired, and sick of the wretched place. However, as he made his rounds to the various cells he did find himself growing more at ease at the prospect of checking in on the new inmate.

The girl, a paraplegic with a bit of a mouth, had actually been rather kind to Lionel and he couldn't fathom why such a sweet girl, especially one in her condition, would even be here. However the word from on high was that she had ties to a nasty individual. Whatever her sins were, however, Lionel didn't much care. She was cute, and nice, that was enough to brighten his day full of dragon-powered psychos and ex corporate cyber nuts.

Yet when he looked into the view port for Hilda's cell he found her lying in her bed.

"Hilda? It's Lionel. Mind getting into your chair for me it's the regular cell inspection today..."

Hilda didn't move.

"Hilda? Wakey wakey."

Hilda remained still. And it was a stillness that made Lionel's blood freeze. "Hilda???" He went to his radio. "Tower, this is Smithback. I got an unresponsive inmate, request backup and a medical team on standby."

It didn't take long for backup to arrive. It was a precaution to ensure the "dead man's escape" trick wouldn't work for the fool who tried it, and many inmates did after seeing it work on a vid. But when Lionel and the security team entered Hilda's cell they found her very much dead.

Lionel's heart sank. She was a nice girl. She didn't deserve to be in this place, and she certainly didn't deserve to die in it.

What was vexing to the medical team who examined her was that it seemed as if she'd simply shut down. And they eventually figured it had something to do with the small bit of cybernetics in her brain and nervous system. A kill switch no doubt meant to end her should she ever need to. The preliminary medical had found the cybernetics but given her expertise and proclivity for robotic legs and armor it had been determined the hardware was meant to allow her to control her exo suits and nothing else. At least that was what the techs had determined.

However they had never seen such hardware before, and were making their most educated guesses. And that proved to be their downfall. Because Hilda woke up about a minute later after the brain pattern transfer was complete.

She awoke in one of her little homemade bunkers buried under the sands of Jericho's desert. One of many in fact. And looked around as she assessed the new body she was in. She smiled. She could feel her legs for the first time in a very long time. It was wonderful.

So were the rocking set of tits she'd opted to upgrade herself with.

She and the late Syn had been working on downloading her mind to a new body ever since the two of them met. And with her help, Syn was able to figure out the secret he had forced himself to forget. And given what was going to happen, Hilda figured what better way to eventually escape prison than making the dragoon think she had died. And was now free to walk around with a new face and body... with a rockin' set of tits!


Now - Wind Slicer Conference Room

Hilda was gesturing to her chest once again as she retold the story of her glorious "death and rebirth" to the group.

Jhonen had had no idea Hilda had planned this. But even though she had a new face and voice. He could still hear her in there. And he was happy to see his friend happy and free.

"And now we gotta find another lost daughter." Hilda said looking to Jhonen. "We got any idea where Aurora got off to?"

Jhonen shook his head. "She was investigating some Precursor ruins before she dropped off the map." He grimaced. "My guess is a clandestine mega-corps group was eyeing her due to her status as an uplifted and finally caught her. I've been working with Deckard to try and pinpoint her, but there's no luck. I'm thinking we'll need to head to the ruins she was last seen at if we're gonna pick up the trail..."

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