Responding To Responders

When the first shadow flew over, Moriana's ears perked up and she turned her gaze skyward, a frown crossing her pretty face.

The first dragon to land did so on top of the wreck and roared as it began to claw at the ship to get to the tasty morph morsels waiting inside.

Ezekiel was trying to peel metal off the ship, using his crystallization to push the metal off, when the dragon landed. Shocked, he went tumbling off and landed face first in the sand. Pushing up and spitting out sand, he turned his gaze up to see the dragon.

"What is that?" He grunted, shaking sand from his hair.

Moriana arched an eyebrow and yelled at the dragon as she attempted to keep her anger under control. "Hey, leave them be or I will make you regret this!" The teeth in her mouth were already sharpening, wings bristling and the fur on her tail was standing on end. Over the time of her long life she had learned to control the beast within, but a threat to her people was a push she did not need today.

"Shay, get inside and help Atsu keep everyone safe!" Moriana ordered as the dragon roared at her in answer.

Nodding from the doorway, Shay disappeared into the ship with Atsu.

Ezekiel was already in beast form, his dark fur almost shimmering in the sunlight as he lunged at the dragon and clawed at its face. Roars and loud screeching echoed through the air. Whichever creature it came from was a mystery, though the sharp teeth sinking into the dragon's neck would tell any onlookers which one.

Moriana shed her clothes as bones popped and a snout formed, her body transforming at a slower pace due to her age. The moment her body changed and fur covered her completely, she was upon the dragon as well with claws and teeth, acid oozing from her mouth.

It pained her to harm an animal, but the threat to her people had been obvious in the flying beast's posture. She only hoped that her large size in this form would persuade others from attacking.

With two morphs upon the dragon, it could only fall off the ship and attempt to claw them off, but Moriana's size was overbearing. Her claws were ripping at its wings. Ezekiel was pushing his power into the creature, crystallizing blood and bone as he jerked his mouth from its neck, snarling.

Turning as other dragons landed, he bared sharp teeth at them.

Moriana pressed a paw to the first assailant's head, holding it down as she took in the other dragons with concern.

Would they have to kill them?

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