Ink's support

Ink's mind raced. So the dragon was indeed in the wider part of the canyon, not too far from the explosion, and it seemed Midnight had joined Dastan. If they were heading to them, they would run into most of the Pack on the way there. This was rapidly spiralling into a run and gun situation he was less than fond of, but at this point seemed unavoidable. Detection was now a matter of when, not if, and they would need the upper hand in any combat situation.

He unholstered his two blasters, disengaged their biolocks and handed them to Anna and Crystal. "Don't lose these," he said plainly. "I'll get Void."

Quickly tracing the fastest way back to his dragon, he took off at a sprint, unsheathing his pickaxes and leaping at the wall. He climbed fast, launched himself onto a rising pathway and continued his sprint. He caught up with a Pack member and sliced the man's throat without breaking stride. He had to get to Void, fast. A surprise smoke screen might be their only remaining surefire way out of this mess.

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