When fire came from the mouth of the first dragon, Moriana jerked back and snapped at Ezekiel. This was enough incentive for him to return to the ship. At the doorway, he took a moment to revert back to his more human-like form and slipped into the ship.

Climbing atop the ship, the female morph opted to stay in her beastly form and dug her claws into the metal. A ripple seemed to swim through the air as she used the magic within herself to form a field. It made the air around the ship shimmer and shine with life.

She knew she could not keep this up long and prayed the others could come up with a plan. Moriana did not wish to kill these creatures.

Inside the ship, Ezekiel was dressed again and growled lowly. "She can't keep this up long..."

Shay grimaced from where he sat with his sister, a pair of twins. One of them was clinging to her husband, a man covered in scars that was usually in the form of a giant werewolf. "Could we run for it?" He asked.

"No." It was the first word Atsu had spoken since they arrived. His eyes, full of frustration, glared at the doorway. "We'd have to kill them."

"Moriana doesn't want to kill." Ezekiel snapped at them.

He could only pray she would not run out of energy.

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