Signal GK Responding

((Jericho System, Korpulu Sector))

Emerson was more than happy to at least have a bit of help this time. Two of Hammond Inc. were currently checking over the engines as he ran system checks on the navigation system. There was hiccup with their last jump and they had popped out into real-space in the Oort Cloud. Thankfully the cargo was fine, all one hundred tons of it. Sebastian would definitely have his ass if it got messed up.

"Engines are going good," went the engineering.

"Nav core checks out," Holiday spoke. "Alright, get ready for jump. SlipSpace in three... Two..."

Once more, the Type-A passed into then out of the other dimension. Jericho hung in front of the ship, making Emerson sigh in relief.

Until a falling star caught his attention. "Zeke, Jericho Actual. I got what looks to be falling rock entering atmosphere at grid 127 by 56. How copy, over?" he commed in.

"Jericho Actual, Zeke, we don't have it on scopes, over."

"Roger, densitometer is reading... metallic mass... Looks to be a ship, according to the 'puter. I got eyes on now, over." He could already see where it would land, out into the desert region.

"Copy that, hold two mikes, over."

Meanwhile, he messaged the crew to return to stations. As he heard hatches turning, he thought he may have saw another ship but disregarded it as possibly one of dozens of possible, common solar objects. This fireball was not one of them. It was already hitting the lower atmosphere, a single streak against the day side.

Two minutes and fifty-five seconds had passed before he heard the radio squawk. "Jericho Actual, Zeke. You are being retasked as per Intergalactic Spacetime Law, Section 12, Amendment One through Three. You are required to comply. How copy, over?"

Emerson saw that coming and was already pulling up into orbit over the fireball. It was hitting thirty thousand feet and still plummeting as he quickly ran the law through his head. He was essentially waiting to see if it was a ship or some cosmic piece of trash that may have been a ship but had been crushed by the gravity sheer of SlipSpace. If no broadcasts could be detected, he was required to follow on sensors only to positively identify the impact site. Then it was a simple service check and a hop and a skip to the bar.

He looked over the density of the scan, noting that some of the scan data implied uncompressed hull. However, Emerson knew that was not conclusive enough to warrant a departure from schedules or flight plans.

The craft impacted somewhere down on the ground as he switched through the different scans. It was on the third shot of the fireball that he heard it in his headphones.

"••• --- ••• ••• --- •••"

Son of a bitch... Emerson thought. "Zeke, Jericho Actual. I just picked up a Signal GK. I am diverging from my current course to assist, over."

"Negative, hold current position. We are mobilizing, over."

"They are landing in wild dragon nests, Actual. I have their signal now, over," Holiday spoke with a bit of heat. Then he finally had it, a thought of what happened during the early days flashing through. "Fuck it, De Lacy-Tango 485 going off station. Answering Signal GK, over and out."

Down he dived, hoping he could arrive fast enough. The ship shook as the air around the nose began to heat.

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