Morph Time

Jhonen looked down from the airship at the wrecked ship as more dragons began to swarm around it. "I think it's high time we show these dragons it's not nice to attack new guests..." He looked to Matilda. "Eh, hon?"

Matilda smirked and tightened the straps on her wrist armor. "No, not at all. It just won't do." She looked to Crystal. "Want to send the message to them to leave?"

Hilda grimaced as she looked down at the dragons below. "Yeah... I may be a terminator now but I still... uh... am leery of dragons..." She looked to Inara. "Inara, honey, do you have any idea who those people are down there? They look like they can change shape, is there any way to explain that? I mean... you are the biology expert here." She shrugged. "I'm all about the metal after all..."

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