When Things Calm Down...

Inara shrugged as she looked down upon the Morphs with curiosity. "I won't know until we get down there an' I have a better look at 'em." She explained to Hilda. "I'd love ta get some blood samples, but I feel they ain't gonna be too happy if I come at 'em with a needle."

Medallion snorted from beside the scientist, nuzzling his head against her leg. All he hoped for was that these newcomers had something shiny for him to steal.


Moriana blinked as she slowly reverted back to human form, her clothes completely gone as she sat in a crouch and watched the dragons moving away. "Interesting..." She muttered as Ezekiel stepped up next to her with an old coat.

"What made them leave?" The crystallizer inquired with a frown, noticing the airship above. "Who is that?"

Poking his head out of the doorway of the wrecked ship, Shay grinned. "Hey, they're leaving, bro! Think it's safe for us all to get out of this hunk of junk?" He asked his cousin.

Atsu's only answer was a shrug as he slipped around the lightning breather and hopped out of the ship. He would not admit it, but this place made him very uncomfortable already.

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