Jhonen watched as the dragons flew away and looked to Crystal. "Excellent job, Crystal." Then he looked to the group of morphs congregating and shrugged. "Time to say hi..." He leaped out of the airship, using an a-grav cushion to make a graceful landing near the group. Hilda simply jumped out and hit the ground with a loud, metallic thud. Matilda followed her father's example while the others joined them.

Jhonen's eyes fell on the one who seemed lead the strange group. The woman in nothing but a coat. He was taken aback by her appearance.

To put it simply, she was gorgeous.

He tried to temper his reaction with a firm nod as he assessed the group. They all seemed to be similar to one another. Though one, who looked like a Frankenstein creation, was a little different. Kinda cute in his own way but still he stood out.

"Welcome to Jericho." Jhonen said to the woman, Moriana. "Sorry for the hostile greeting but, the dragons were here first and they're always a little cranky." He smirked. "I'm Jhonen Cross, and... well we're the locals. So what brings you to our planet?"

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