They Call Us Morphs

Inara happily teleported her way down, Medallion happily following by flight. Both landed together and the woman smiled. "Oh, they're a different species but...human?" She whispered, making mental notes already about their physical appearance. Her eyes zeroed in on Atsu immediately. "Poor baby looks like he got assaulted by Dr. Frankenstein."

Medallion nudged Inara to shush her.

Moriana nodded in return as she adjusted the coat. "I'm Moriana and this is Ezekiel." She explained with a gesture to the man next to her. "We crashed here while on the run from..."

"Humans." Ezekiel finished for her with a frown, eyes narrowing toward the crew. "We were on the run from humans and got hit, so we're here."

"Ezekiel, watch your tongue." The woman seethed with a growl at Ezekiel, who backed off and went to join Atsu and Shay. Letting out a heavy sigh, she returned her gaze to Jhonen, who she silently admitted was handsome. "I apologize for him. The battles we've been through have weighed on him greatly. We did not mean to land this way, but when you're ship is damaged that badly, you aren't picky about where you land."

With a soft chuckle, she brushed back some brown curls. "The stitched up one is Atsu and next to him is his cousin, Shay, by the way." She continued. "Honestly, we just want a place to stay where we won't be chased off the planet again."

Inara called out to them then. "What are you? I have to know!"

Blinking and realizing she had not mentioned this, Moriana said, "We're called Morphs."

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