Land of Misfits, And He Is Their King

Jhonen silently listened to all Moriana had to say before nodding. "Well... You came to the right planet then. Jericho is a world built by those who had no home to begin with, cast out by the Central Worlds and Mega Corps for being... well free..." He shrugged. "No doubt we have a place for you here on this world. At least... I'd be more than happy to give you one were it my say." He grimaced in annoyance, already feeling like far too much had been said. "You see... I'm a rogue Dragoon, I don't speak for the planet's council nor am I much of an authority..."

"Not true, Father." Matilda spoke up looking to her father with a shake of her head. "You have claim to..."

"No." Jhonen said with a sharp hiss.

"What're you talking about hon?" Hilda asked, confused. "Jhonen's got nothing but the fuzz on his ass."

Matilda shook her head again. "He is my father... and I am the heir to The Crimson Kingdom." Matilda shrugged. "Mother... she even said as much. His victory over her solidifies this even more."

"Matilda, no. I will not..." Jhonen stammered as Matilda vehemently marched to Moriana with fire in her eyes before gesturing to her father. "This is Jhonen Cross, The King In Crimson, and rightful ruler of The Crimson Kingdom and all the lands under it."

"Matilda..." Jhonen could do nothing but hold his face in his hand.

Hilda smirked and nodded. "Hell yeah! Hail to the king, baby!"

"Oh don't you start with that!" Jhonen shouted as he pointed his finger to Hilda.

At this Hilda went to him and said under her breath: "You have to admit it would help the situation if you just sucked it up and took the job. The dragoon would have a hard time dealing with you if you had a host of subjects willing to stop them... And these people need a home, safe from the assholes who chased them here which were no doubt mega-corp goons. Face it, Jhonen. We need The King."

Jhonen didn't say anything simply nodding and looking to Matilda who seemed to stand taller than she had been in a long time. A look of pride in her eyes.

"We'll help you get your people moved to Crimson land," Matilda said to Moriana. "You'll be safe and provided for." For once Matilda did indeed feel glad, to be able to help these people made her feel that way.

And then the roar of Dragoon dragons sounded as a trio of peacekeepers descended in on their dragons. Initially they grew wary of the morphs who no doubt weren't so keen on seeing more dragons come in. However, at the sight of Jhonen they turned their rifles on him. "Cross! On your knees! Hands above your head."

Jhonen sighed and shook his head. "Go back and tell The Council that you have no jurisdiction here..."

"You have no say in where we go, Cross." The lead peacekeeper said.

"On the contrary..." Jhonen pulled his pistol and aimed it at the peacekeeper. "These people are protected by Crimson Law... My Law... If you interfere... There will be no place on Jericho you can hide..."

"Crimson Law..." One of the other Dragoon muttered, with clear fear in his voice.

"Crimson Law means nothing. The Kingdom is..."

"...Is mine." Jhonen said as he lowered his gaze to the peacekeeper. "If you doubt me..." Jhonen rolled the dice with his next words. If Lilith had indeed been setting this up from the start, then another blasted Guardian Angel was still out there... "Take it up with her..."

Indeed in a flash a cloaked hovering platform appeared over their heads and a scantily clad simulant assassin with long, platinum blonde hair descended from it, brandishing a large katana as she stood between Jhonen and the dragoon.

"My King..." The Guardian Angel said with a firm nod before turning to the dragoon. "Attack and see Crimson." She warned.

"Guys... I think we need to leave..." The other Dragoon said. "We... we need to notify command of this..."

The lead peacekeeper glared at the Guardian Angel then at Jhonen. "So you've chosen... Very well, Cross..." He whistled and hopped back on to his dragon as the Dragoon flew away with their tail tucked firmly between their legs.

Hilda whooped. "Yeah! Being bad is awesome!"

"Enough!" Jhonen said cooly as he looked to the Guardian Angel. "I need these people," He gestured to the Morphs, "relocated to secure Crimson territory. Can you do this?"

The Angel nodded. "Crimson forces are on their way to relocate these people. How else can I assist you, my king?"

Jhonen shook his head. "That'll be all... go."

The Angel nodded, leaping back up to its hovering platform before disappearing in a cloak. Jhonen looked to the morphs and sighed. "Welcome to The Crimson Kingdom..."

It didn't take long for a number of airships to arrive with more simulant operators who sought to aiding the morphs however they needed. Jhonen opted to oversee the efforts personally, more to just ensure that the dragoon did not come back with a stronger force to pester the relocation effort. He sought out Moriana to assess how to best go about this.

"I'm guessing you're the one who leads these people," Jhonen started. Again being taken by Moriana's beauty to the point he had to distract himself by looking at the activity going on around the perimeter of the crashed ship. "I can see that they're cared for but... I've seen what you people can do. The people... the other humans who call this place home... they're gonna be leery of you... I can't promise friendly dealings with anyone outside the kingdom..." He sighed, knowing full well he was inheriting a whole moon-full of trouble. "But I mean what I said. I want to help you and your people. Just tell me how."


As this was going on, Matilda was mingling with the morphs, as were the other Queenslayers. Hilda had decided to focus on working on what she felt was "shoddy Crimson engineering" when it came to the Crimson airships and was already bringing in her own mobile repair station to help boost efficiency and was thusly distracted.

Matilda was already enamored with these people. Their young who were oh so fuzzy and adorable, had been clinging to a lot of the people trying to help so far, and she herself had been piled on by a few of them earlier. Though the parents weren't too happy with that, the warm welcome that Matilda gave them hopefully put the more at ease.

She knew she was going to have words with her father about forcing his hand. She knew he hadn't wanted the keys to the Kingdom, but they had need of the resources and land. More than ever now. Even he had to acknowledge that, right? Time could only tell. She continued to help by loading off emergency food rations from incoming airships and getting them distributed among the morphs.

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