Baby Morphs Are Clingy

Moriana would not openly admit it just yet, but she had been both impressed and entertained by the interactions between Jhonen and Matilda. She was unsure how to respond to the man's new status, but the female morph was not about to judge when she had an entire ship of people to attend to.

Everyone was helping out, even Shay's sisters and the one scarred man. Inara was having fun helping out any injured, always happy to sneak some DNA samples as she did so.

When Jhonen approached Moriana, she was taking her folded up scythe from Atsu and looked to the blond man with a smile. The almost Frankenstein morph grimaced at the sight of this "king" and slipped off to help the others, shoving a cigarette into his mouth as he went.

"I'm guessing you're the one who leads these people," Jhonen started. Again being taken by Moriana's beauty to the point he had to distract himself by looking at the activity going on around the perimeter of the crashed ship. "I can see that they're cared for but... I've seen what you people can do. The people... the other humans who call this place home... they're gonna be leery of you... I can't promise friendly dealings with anyone outside the kingdom..." He sighed, knowing full well he was inheriting a whole moon-full of trouble. "But I mean what I said. I want to help you and your people. Just tell me how."

A soft chuckle escaped Moriana as she listened to Jhonen speak. "I am indeed their leader, but when I'm not around Ezekiel is in charge. He's never let me down before." She explained, gesturing to the morph as he instructed Atsu on what to do. "As for help, we just want a home to call our own. We've been on the run for far too long..."


Ezekiel grunted as he watched Moriana and Jhonen. Something told him they would be getting along well enough, but the man was a human. He did not trust humans at all.

But, dragons were another story. Looking up toward Crystal and her large dragon, Midnight, he tilted his head to the side. "You mentioned getting the dragons under control, but I saw no one do any physical control to them." He explained, speaking to the red head firmly. "Do you speak with them in some way?"


Playing witness to the assault of the baby morphs on poor Matilda, Shay and Atsu had rescued her. The stitched up male chose to keep quiet as he continued to smoke his cigarette, but Shay opted to speak up.

"You gotta be careful with the babies or they'll never leave you alone." Shay told her with a big grin on his face. "Wow, without all the fluff balls on you there's a hot girl right in front of us."

Atsu rolled his eyes and nudged his cousin.

"Oh, come off it, Atsu. I'm just speaking facts." Shay chuckled.

Another roll of the eyes followed. "It's your funeral if her dad kicks your ass." Atsu said with a frown before walking off, the baby morphs clinging to him happily.

"Don't mind him." Shay told Matilda as he held up a baby morph that tapped the blond girl's nose. "Atsu just has a lot going on at the moment. Crash landing on a planet full of dragons was not on his to-do list for the day."

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