You are no king

Crystal glared at Jhonen her eyes turning purple. " we do not recognize you as are king and we do not recognize the Crimson kingdom" dragons started to rea apper from all over resopnding to Crystals anger at the Crimson kingdom. " the Crimson kingdom had torchered and kill hundreds of are kind" she growled. Then turned her attention to the dragon.

" and you are no better you surveying a couple concle who only speaks to use us for there own selfish purposes, the suffering of are kind will end" she yealed. The dragons echoed her words with roots and the winds picked up. Midnight starting to create a tempest. Crystal blinked a few times the wind died down a stop. In a manner of speaking Ezekiel's question was answered with a demonstration.

Crystal looked at Jhonen. " the dragons answered to me you will help me end the consul then disband the Crimson kingdom" she said coldly midnight growled in agreement. Crystal lay against her dragon to tired for any more nonsense.

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