Trust Me

Jhonen looked at Crystal with a somewhat bemused look. "What's gotten into you Crystal? You realize it's ME you're talking to, right?" He looked to the dragons that had appeared and all seemed to glare at him before turning their attention to the dragoon who seemed to still be snooping around the perimeter.

Crystal looked at Jhonen. " the dragons answered to me you will help me end the consul then disband the Crimson kingdom" she said coldly midnight growled in agreement. Crystal lay against her dragon to tired for any more nonsense.

Jhonen frowned at this. "I can't do that, Crystal... I didn't want to take on this responsibility but Matilda... she's got a point. The dragoon are after us, we're marked as criminals and the mega-corps are going to send people after not only us but the dragons..." He grimaced as he looked to Moriana again. "And they need our help... the morphs... Crystal I'm not taking on the Crimson Kingdom as The Queen had ruled it. I'm taking the resources she left behind. The land. And using it for a better cause. Can't you see that? And..." Then his features darkened. "You of all people should know you could trust me to do what's right..."

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