Jhonen looked concerned for Crystal and how weary she was, but her questions were cutting him deep. "Crystal... I've been through so much... suffered so much... yet never once broke... You really think being the Crimson King is going to turn me into a monster?" He went to her, ignoring Midnight's growls as he put his hand on her shoulder. "If it happens, you can feed me to Midnight."


Matilda blushed at Shay's comment and fixed her hair. "I.. err..." She wasn't used to cute boys flirting with her. "Hi... I'm... ah... Matilda..." She was beet red she was blushing so hard. "Who are you?" She asked Shay, having not heard his name. She was a bundle of nerves now. This cute boy had called her hot!

Then she frowned at the mention of Atsu's problems. "Is there any way... I... I can help?"

Hilda was keeping an eye on Matilda while Jhonen dealt with Crystal. She was happy to see Matilda acting more like a kid.

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