Everyone Can Hear Them

Noting the argument, Moriana stepped away. This was not her issue and if they continued their arguments she worried the morphs would have to leave this place as well.

Going to Ezekiel, she glanced toward Jhonen and Crystal before shaking her head in disappointment. It seemed no matter where she went the human race was always fighting with itself. When they weren't fighting each other, she was positive they would eventually turn on her and the morphs.

She only wanted to be prepared.

Ezekiel, standing next to his leader, only snorted. "Humans..."


Inara finished taking care of the last morph in need of healing and stepped up next to Hilda, watching how Shay interacted with Matilda. "Well, ain't they just so cute." She said with a smirk.

"Oh," Shay blinked, realizing he had not mentioned his name. "I'm Shay. That grumpy Frankenstein was Atsu. You want to help him with his problems, you gotta talk to him, but that won't be easy." Shrugging, he set the morph down and took notice to the argument going on.

Gently setting the baby morph down, he watched it chase after Atsu. "He usually doesn't like people nosing around in his business anyway." He explained, ears twitching as his metal spine clicked in discomfort. Due to his heightened hearing, he overheard the entire argument going on between Jhonen and Crytal.

Every morph could hear it.

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