Matilda and Shay Sittin' In A Tree...

Jhonen relaxed and nodded. "Fair enough." He saw Morianna leave and upon getting things settled with Crystal just in time to hear Ezekiel mutter "Humans" derisively.

"What about humans?" Jhonen said with a smirk, knowing well enough that the morphs weren't too keen on humans. "I'm sorry about that. Crystal can be a little... reactionary."

He could sense the unease and mistrust in the room. Jhonen could only imagine what these people had been through, but Jericho had always been considered a planet of misfits. The world the Central Worlds and the Mega Corps had dumped all their undesirables on... not realizing the treasure that the planet had hidden beneath its depths.

If there was any world that the morphs could find a home on... it was Jericho.

However now Jhonen had to worry about Crystal. Her power was manifesting more and more each day, and that reaction... Something told him that wasn't Crystal talking.

All of this would have to wait, however. Jhonen was now a king and he had a kingdom to bring back into order.


Matilda grimaced as she too could hear the argument her father was having with Crystal. It didn't bode well for this new venture. But Matilda couldn't help but take note of the odd clicking noise Shay was making look looked to him to see how he was making it. She still couldn't help but go gaga over how cute he looked. These morphs all seemed rather beautiful and interesting to look at but for Matilda Shay had something else, an aura about him that spoke to her.

Perhaps it was her teenage hormones getting the better of her, but she didn't care. This cute guy was talking to her and that was all she could think about.

"So... uh... yeah... what about you? Did you... ah... need help with anything?" Matilda was blushing bright red now. Nervous and all "butterflies in stomach" over this guy.


Hilda continued to watch Matilda, smiling at Inara's comment. "Poor girl needs to be a teenager for once in her life. I'm glad for her."

Then she grumbled as more dragons from Crystal's outburst flew overhead, no doubt scaring the morphs still trying to clear out their ship. "I just wonder what's got Crystal's panties in a knot. She should know Jhonen would never go all Crimson Queen on us. Hell the only reason he took on the mantle was to help these people..." She shrugged. "You think this was the right decision, Inara?"

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