Takes One To Know One

Ezekiel did not answer Jhonen, for he was more interested in the dragons and their workings. He unintentionally created a few crystals that he swirled around a finger to keep busy while inspecting Crystal's dragon, Midnight, with his eyes. The morph had easily noted how different each of the dragons flying above seemed and how they all reacted to this red head.

Narrowing his two visible eyes, he pondered just what this girl was.

For Moriana, it was more of a worry, though. She only offered Jhonen a glance before elbowing Ezekiel in the side for his rude comment. "Not all humans are cruel, Ez." She hissed at him before giving Crystal and Jhonen a kind smile. "Don't mind him...he's been on the bad end of cruelty and it has made him a little..."

"Prejudice," Ezekiel finished for her. "I am aware of my faults, Moriana." He grumbled, eyes still on Crystal and her dragon. He wanted to understand the magic that helped her speak to these dragons. "I can set it aside for the...dragon. I want to know more..."

At this point the crystallizer was obviously speaking to Crystal, his interest in her dragon far too evident.

Moriana just rolled her eyes, fully aware of how Ezekiel liked animals more than people.


Shay blinked for a second as the clicking of his spine quieted down. "Oh, uh...nah, I just wanted to talk to you." He said with a big smile on his face. "Not everyday I get to speak with a hot girl that doesn't have some guy protecting her."

"They only did that because you're an idiot." Atsu called as he helped Shay's sisters with a bag.

Snorting, Shay stuck his tongue out at the Frankenstein of a morph. "You only call me that because you don't understand my sunny disposition, brat!"

"Takes one to know one." Atsu replied.

Shay chuckled and turned his attention back to Matilda. "Guess that makes him an idiot, huh?" He asked her.


Inara watched them, letting out a soft giggle at the sight. "They're all like a big ol' family." She stated.

Then she grumbled as more dragons from Crystal's outburst flew overhead, no doubt scaring the morphs still trying to clear out their ship. "I just wonder what's got Crystal's panties in a knot. She should know Jhonen would never go all Crimson Queen on us. Hell the only reason he took on the mantle was to help these people..." She shrugged. "You think this was the right decision, Inara?"

Looking to Hilda, the scythe wielding scientist shrugged. A hand absently pet Medallion, who was pressed against her like some child and letting out little happy dragon purrs. "I ain't sure, Hilda." She answered with a sigh. "Jhonen is smart an' he'll figure it out. Besides, he knows we'll kick his ass if he gets outta line. I dunno why Crystal is all worried when she know we all wouldn't let him go off tha deep end."

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