In The Mean Time...

"I will give this a look over," he replied. "Thank you, sir." Feeling the meeting was ending from how the man looked, he rose while stuffing the pad into his jacket. He looked down at the brandy. "You said it was five years? Perhaps hold onto that for another year," he recommended. "And you should hear from me soon, Mister...?"

"Please, call me Sebastian." He gestured to the door. "Feel free to contact my assistant when you've made a decision. The contact info is on the datapad." He smiled.

Once Holiday had left Sebastian felt the need to get out of his stuffy office. He soon found himself at his favorite establishment in Jericho's Landing: Lilith's.

A registered companion from Persephone and a Mistress of her own establishment in the city, she was a breath of fresh air in this arid environment. Her staff were, as well, a welcome change from the roughnecks Sebastian was forced to deal with.

The establishment was a larger building situated in the heart of Jericho's Landing. It was once an old Syndicate building that the group apparently abandoned early on after the establishment of the Dragoon. The building had been inspired by an old Terran building known as the Bradbury which the Syndicate leader who commissioned the building was fond of. The main foyer was lavish with wine colored curtains and stone statues of half-dressed women holding candles which provided much of the light inside.

Sebastian was led by a woman in a green silk gown to one of the elevators in the building which took him to the top floor where Lilith was waiting for him in the largest room that served as her "office." The room was very much like the rest of the building with the main difference being that Lilith was sat in a large wingback chair situated in front of a large window. Lilith was dressed in a wine colored robe. Her rich brown hair flowed past her shoulders, her brown eyes glittered in the faux-candlelight as she regarded Sebastian.

"My dear, Sebastian Hammond." She said in that cool, sultry tone that was enough to make lesser men turn to jelly. "It's been some time since I've seen you."

Sebastian nodded. "It's been a busy couple of weeks. I need to unwind."

Lilith snapped her fingers and a trio of alluring women entered the room and began to smile and caress Sebastian.

"That's what we do, Mr. Hammond." Lilith smirked. She was the only person who got away with calling him that. The three women took Sebastian to one of the more fancier bedrooms and proceeded to entertain their guest.


Kullen Decker landed his little skiff near the site of the crashed transport. Word had come in quick about the downed ship and the supplies it had on board. The most noteworthy of which was the fully stocked medbay. This would be a good haul if things went smoothly. His crew was ready, all they had to do was get in and get the goods before other vultures started sniffing around, or worse a dragon.

Kullen landed the skiff and opened the cargo ramp so his people could get to work. Kullen wasn't far behind, he could feel the usual tension when pulling a job, but there was something else in the air that made him pause. He had a sort of sixth sense about these sorts of things. He could feel trouble on the horizon.

"Alright boys and girls," Kullen said. "We better make this a quick one. My hackles are up."

"Sheesh, is he serious?" One Syndicate member asked another as they ran towards the downed craft.

"I'd take it seriously, Kullen's got a good sense for these sorts of things." The other said.

The group rushed to the downed craft, now all of them were on alert for trouble...

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