A New World

((Jericho's Landing))

It was not very often that free time was found to be used for fun in these times. But that didn't stop Joanna from hooting out her excitement as the jet cycle revved over a rocky ramp and onto the plateau. It dipped close to the ground as it came down, scorching grass before bringing it up back to cruising height. The wind blew past her with her scarlet hair whipping all about.

This was the best!

"Jo! " came her father's voice over her commlink in her ear. "Jo! Where are you? You were supposed to be back an hour ago!"

"Sorry, dad!" she yelled through the wind and roar of the jet cycle. "I'm almost there! Won't be long!"

"How long is 'long' this ti-"

Finally, she roared into the city, slowing down and taking the first left. Down the paved way she went until she arrived at their rental housing, remnants of the original colony prefabs painting a contrasting image between it and the rest of the buildings. Jack was already waiting for her, hand coming down from his ear at the arrival of Joanna.

"Jo, I said to 'go to the yard and get our package-'"

"Dad, it's nice day out, we haven't had anyone come to us in the past month!" Joanna said, pulling the canvas bag out from the cycle's storage. She set it down gently before standing with her hands at her hips. "You keep saying you don't want me to end up like you: a curmudgeon who spits and cusses like a sailor."

"And you won't," Jack said, bending over to unzip the bag. "You are bright, smart, and-"

"And enjoying the day," Joanna finished, leaning against the vehicle.

"Jo, you are not running off," Jack said as he pulled a sniper rifle from the bag. He pulled back the bolt and checked the chamber. "There are dragons out there."

"None that I have seen, " she fired back.

"Jo," Jack said with the tone saying he was not having it. "Actual dragons, dad! Not those fantasy knock-offs," she went.

"Joanna!" Jack called her sternly. When he had her attention, he said, "This is not Earth, this not some book you read. This place will chew us up and spit us out. Everything we knew is behind us and we have no idea what is ahead. We will tread carefully and maybe, just maybe, we can make it here. We can't do that if you go galavanting around. Clear?"

"Never any," she answered with a slow sigh. Jack was not having it and shoved the rifle back into the bag. "Clear?" He demanded more than asked. "Crystal," was her response as she looked him in the eye.

It wasn't hard to see she was heavily disappointed and a bit pissed off too. Joanna had never been to a new world and neither had Jack, but he had his head on straight. He needed a means of income in quantity otherwise Jo may just find out exactly how much fun living in the wild would be. And the best lead would be in the city.

"I am going into town to see if I can't get some clients," he finally said after a moment of silence and rummaging through the bag. He took his revolver from the stash of firearms and slung it under his left arm. "Be sure to stow the rest of our equipment and to at least have the tac-comp set up."

"Yeah, whatever," she said softly, turning around to pick up the bag. Of course, he heard her and demanded that she speak up. Her response was to stomp into the housing. He looked at the gaping portal where she entered, silently wishing she would understand why he had brought them here.

No, he thought. Last thing I need is for both of us to be jumping at shadows.

He turned and straddled the jet cycle. He fished a pair of goggles out to don before kicking the vehicle in gear. With rumbling whine, he set off towards the inner city of Jericho's Landing.

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