Flying Mister Hammond: Not Expecting This

Sebastian grinned. "I see I chose wisely when I hired you, Captain." Yet it was clear that this wasn't the answer he wanted to hear. "Okay then, Captain." It should be noted that all day Sebastian had been calling Holiday by his name and not by rank. This was another sign of his displeasure. "Work now, fun later. Though your new callsign is Captain Buzzkill..." Sebastian shrugged and went back to the rec area and left Holiday alone in cockpit. He sighed.

Good job, Zeke.

Upon seeing that the ship was still on course, Ezra hailed Holiday on a secure channel. "Holy shit, did you seriously say no to him?"

"Unfortunately, I did," he said, donning a headset and switching to the channel. "I think I need a drink."

The comm was silent for a second. "Well..."

The ship was buffeted by turbulence, the Peacekeeper swaying a bit in her flight before staying her wings. "We got a bit of a system moving through, shouldn't last though," he said, reaching up to flick a switch. He turned his head back to the door out of the cockpit. "Buckle up! A bit of a bump!"

It proved to be a little more bumpy than expected. Over the mountains they went, swaying in the air as they made way. Ezra lifted on a thermal before following his ship down to the outpost.

This one was old, with the main shaft originally drilled by earlier miners from the Landing. After the wildcat strike, the mine became abandoned for a time before the newer colonists moved in. Emerson was pretty sure a Mr. Novak was the owner of the mine initially. He wondered what ever happened to him.

He began lowering the gears when he finally saw the miners. They had been arranged into a hexagon, with blood splashed all over the landing pad. The ship touched the pad as he radioed Ezra. "You seeing this?"

"Affirmative," she replied, circling overhead.

Sebastian finally called up to him, asking if he was going to lower the ramp. He hit the internal mic and replied, "Just a minute, we may have something here, sir."

Outside, the Dragoon Peacekeeper landed and was examining the bodies. There was a moment or two of silence as she went on, eventually calling him. "These bodies are all mutilated, looks like by dull knives. You have the stronger radio. Call this in."

"De Lacy-Tango 485 to Jericho's Landing, come in," Emerson commed.

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