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Summary: Who are you? You're really starting to piss me off.

Zed Martin

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Humans


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Mary "Zed" Martin is an artist with the ability of clairsentience. After bumping into John Constantine in Heddwich, Zed has been following and tracking him, in search of answers. She has a very dark and mysterious past. Before meeting John Constantine, Zed had dreams and visions about him for months and would constantly draw portraits of him in her apartment.

Zed bumps into John in Heddwich, Pennsylvania while the latter is investigating an unusual death. Zed is surprised to finally meet John, and explains how she's been having dreams about him.. John accuses her of being a stalker, observing him from afar. He manages to slip away, however, Zed manages to steal his wallet. Later, Zed breaks into John's hotel room. When John arrives, Zed further explains her situation, she believes that it was destiny that brought them both together. She tells him that she has visions and even feelings that she cannot control. John doesn't believe her, so she channels the guilt and pain that he has through her. John deduces her ability as clairsentience, and puts it to the test. John puts the stolen slurry in her hand and she sees visions of Lannis' shower, and a tall crucifix. She is eventually overwhelmed, and John escapes.

Zed leaves to the pub, where she meets a former priest, Ellis. She hears his story, and leaves to her apartment, where she finds John sleeping on her couch. John warns her of the accompanying danger in his adventures, however, she remains unfazed and joins him. They both hear a siren, signalling a mine collapse, and rush towards it. Zed helps the miners evacuate. When John and the mine's manager are being drowned in slurry inside an SUV, Zed comes and saves John by breaking open the door. Afterwards, they go back to the pub.

At the pub, Zed mentions how Ellis, the former priest, could be the one conjuring the evil in the mine. John once again uses Zed's clairsentience to locate Ellis' whereabouts. Zed manages to locate him in a creek, and they head towards him. There, John gives her a broom to ward off evil. After John realizes that Ellis isn't the one conjuring the evil, they both head to the mine. There, John and Zed ward off a Coblynau attacking the owner of the coal company and his son. They manage to save the son, but not the boss, and blow up the mine. Later, After John had dealt with the gypsy witch, Beth, he finds Zed in his bedroom. Zed wants to know more about her powers, but John dozes off.


Zed has several unmanifested psychic abilities which include:
Clairsentience - Zed has extra-sensory perception which grants her psychic knowledge. She cannot yet control this ability, yet John Constantine can use it to help him with his investigations.
Clairtangence - The ability to handle an object, and perceive psychic information using touch.
Precognition - John mentions to Zed that she has this ability. Precognition allows the person to see into the future, to an extent.
Retrocognition - Reverse of Precognition. John mentions to Zed that she has this ability. Retrocognition allows the person to see into the past.

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