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Summary: Dark forces pull me underground, And never went away completely. How can I feel this empty?

Jezebel Constantine

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Group: Half-breeds


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Mother - Maria Elena Knox - deceased
Father - John Constantine




A little more than thirteen years ago, Maria Elena Knox showed up at the door step of a very rare church ran orphanage in New York City heavily pregnant after following around her favorite punk band, Mucous Membrane, in the UK. She was seeking protection from the forces of evil, and the priests and nuns did not know her parentage. Nor did they know of a very old and ancient prophecy between good evil that she is a part of, as Maria is a rare being. She is a child of a human mother, and an angel father. The child she carried was prophesied to either protect the world, serve Heaven, or condemned the world and Heaven to Hell. Maria also knew that if steps were not taken, then her unborn child would fall quickly into the wrong hands and mold him or her to their image. She took the pendant from her then boyfriend/lover, John Constantine, had it enchanted, and wore it to hide herself and her unborn child from those that maybe seeking her and her unborn child out.

The next few months, Maria helped out at the church and helped with the unfortunate children whom had lost their parents. There were times where she had gotten extremely sad at the fact that her own child would join their predicament, as she knew her path as well as her child’s path. She knew she wouldn’t survive the birth, and began to prepare the priests and nuns for the fact. She made them promise her to give her child the pendant that she never had taken off since she arrived, and make sure to place it around her child’s neck when she dies. She also made them promise her not to interfere with her child’s dabbling into unchristian acts, as she knew that her child must travel down that road and fulfill the prophecy. She also told them her name, as well as the name of the father of her unborn child.

When the time came, Maria had a home based birth with a midwife present as one of the nuns had training prior to joining the convent. The birth itself was easy and uncomplicated, and when the child, a beautiful baby girl, was placed in Maria’s arms she felt her life start to slip away. She told those present that her little girl’s name is Jezebel Emma Constantine, and then took her very last breath. Within seconds, the room and ground began to shake and maniacal laughter was echoing from around the room as if the devil himself was coming to collect a soul. In a panic rush, the priest removed the pendant from the now dead mother and placed it upon the infant’s neck. As soon as the charm rested upon the child’s skin, the shaking and laughter stopped abruptly. She has never taken off the pendant, only thinking it was the last and only thing she had of her mother‘s.

Jezebel grew up relatively normal despite having no parents to care for or love her. The priests and nuns were good to her, but the children were a different story. Like all children, some had deemed her different despite not knowing the circumstances of her birth or her destiny. Those children had taken it upon themselves to treat her badly, and some nights she had silently cried herself to sleep wishing she had a family to love, care, and protect her. Finally the bulling had gotten so bad that she had lost all hope and faith in having a family, then one day when she was seven another girl, Faith, came to the orphanage and the two of them became fast friends.

The two of them became interested in the occult when they were eight, and Jez had gotten brave only after a few months of studying. She wanted to summon a demon, and Faith supported her every step of the way. Once the time was right, and the ingredients collected they set about performing the ritual. Instead of attempting to summon a lesser demon, Jez decided to go for one of the major ones. She had thought she had done everything right and correct, until the thing stepped out of the protective circle and ripped Faith to shreds and condemning her own soul to hell in the process. She then became the center of torment for the other children there at the orphanage, and they would taunt her with the nickname “killer”. She came to the conclusion that any human close to her dies, and swore off getting close to anyone else.

Jezebel soon after began to befriend stray cats and dogs, thinking that they wouldn’t suffer the same fate as her mother and her best friend. She couldn’t be further from the truth. She couldn’t keep a furry friend longer than two weeks before they too found themselves dead at the hands of something not of human origin. By the time she was eleven, she had become a cynical withdrawn child. Her thinking had taken a pessimistic path, and she learned how to push those close to her away. Especially those that attempted to be her friend without the knowledge of her past.

The priests and nuns noticed this change in the child they saw grow up right before their eyes, and in a last ditch effort to return the happy gleeful child they gave Jezebel her mother’s journals she had kept while she was in their company. Jez treasured the leather bound books, and took great care of them. She never let anyone touch them, save for herself. She read them as if they were the bible, and committed every word and drawing to memory. Of course to the other malicious children, this was fuel for their sneering. She attempted to ignore it, and withdrawn further away from everyone around her.

Then one morning, Jezebel woke up to find her pendant missing from around her neck. She began to get angry and like the day she was born the building and ground began to shake accompanied with a bodiless maniacal laughing echo around the room. The other children began to panic, and she spotted her longtime tormentor sporting her very priceless pendant around his neck. They somehow managed to sneak it off her sleeping body, and attempted to claim it as their own. This only angered her, and she had to get it back before something horrible happens to her. She just knows it will, and she just has no idea on what awaits her…



Magic - Jez is a natural user of magic, but her knowledge and skill level is not as much or advanced as her birth father’s, John Constantine’s.
Healing - Through the use of magic, Jez is a natural at healing others, and depending upon the severity of the wound depends upon the strength of the spell she will use. If severe enough, she may have to use her hands and touch the wound in question to transfer it to herself.
Basic Telepathy - Jez is only able to read/sense the thoughts of others.
Empathy - Jez can sense and feel the emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams, desires, and fears of others, and unlike Zed she doesn’t need to be touching those she reads. She has to be in the same room as others for her to sense emotions.
Psychometry - There are some places that have constant emotional residue (due to major events happening in that location war, death, historical moments etc.). If Jez enters one of these places, she is overpowered involuntarily by those emotional imprints and re-experience those emotions as if they were happening in that moment. If the event was extremely major enough, she can also see the emotional echoes(images/residual ghosts) still there. This would be due to high levels of concentrated emotional energy.


Telekinesis - Jez’s telekinesis isn’t as strong as that of her angelic counterparts, as she is only able to lift lightweight items with ease like a paperclip or a sheet of paper. Much larger and heavier items require more concentration and focus. For example, if she were to shut and lock a door, she would end up with a slight headache. Or if she were to start a vehicle and move it a few inches, she would be sweating and suffering from mental exhaustion.
Astral Projection - Jez is able to separate her soul from her body to travel to the Astral Plane by entering a trance. With training and practice she can control both the Astral and Corporeal presences. Unlike her angelic counterparts whom use this ability to manifest themselves on Earth as spirits, she however does the opposite by traveling the nearby areas of Earth as a spirit, and not able to access Heaven unfortunately (or would that be fortunately?).
Chronokinesis - Among situations of high stress, Jez will be able to freeze the world around her, but unlike her angelic counterparts this ability will only affect a certain radius around her. She will have no control over this unless she can control her stress levels…

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