The blonde haired, blue eyed thirteen year old girl ran down the dark alley. She couldn't see whomever was chasing her, but she could clearly hear them gaining ground behind her. Her right hand flew up to automatically grasp the pendant that she had inherited when she was born only for her fingers to grasp at nothing but the air in front of her chest. She felt her eyes widen as a slight panic overcame her, knowing somewhere deep inside of her that she was no longer protected and in grave danger. She felt and heard the invisible hand reach out, the fingers started to close on her shoulder…

She woke up from her afternoon nap with a startled gasp, her gaze darting around as she attempted to remember where she was. It took her a few seconds to remember where she was exactly. She was still at the orphanage in her bed, and her pendant still missing. She was certain that her number one tormentor, Charlie, had it and refuse to return it to her. She swing her feet over the side and placed them on the floor, and shuddered as soon as they touched. Of course it was slightly chilly, but she didn’t shiver because of the temperature. It was because of the slight tremors that haven’t stopped since that morning she woke up to find her mother’s pendant gone from around her neck, and hoped that the inevitable quakes would be passed by today. Those quakes scared the living crap out of her as they are accompanied by bodiless laughter that is just plain creepy, and she knew deep down in her tarnished soul that whatever is causing it will be coming for her alone.

“Do you think that it will finally come get Jez the Killer today?” She heard one of the other children whisper as they walked by, and she couldn’t help but clench her hands into fists in anger. She hated that nickname, as she didn’t want Faith to get killed. But everyone close to her dies, and wondered if she ever got adopted if her new family would share that same fate. She lifted her head as she heard a group of older children approach her bed, and stared them down. Of course it was Charlie and her posse, and they stood directly in front of her as she sat on her bed. She eyed them carefully, and took in how everyone but Charlie and two others held socks that were heavy in the toe end. Charlie had never done anything physical herself when it came to tormenting her, and the other two sockless individuals held a thick, heavy blanket between the two of them.

“Get Jezebel the Killer to lay down. Hold the freak down tight.” Charlie ordered, and smirked as she stepped to the side to let the two with the blanket forcibly pushed her back on her bed and held her down with the blanket. She struggled briefly, but stopped when she found out she was going nowhere. Then those with socks lined up and began to take turns hitting her with felt like bars of soap held in the toes, and they rotated going through the line repeatedly. After about ten rotations, they stopped and tears were streaming down her face. Her arms, legs, and body were bruised as they quickly retreated leaving her alone and in pain.

This is the life of Jezebel Emma Constantine. Daughter who killed her mother in birth. Never knew her father. Killed her own best friend. And center of demonic events at the orphanage. She managed to turn to her side, and curl up into a fetal position as she waited for the pain of her gang beating to ease. This is what would be seen if anyone stepped into the room…

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