Face of a Little Girl

Zed awoke from a nap where she dreamed about a little girl being taunted harshly, and reached behind the worn leather couch for her art supplies. John and Chas were off doing something that didn’t need her attention, so she was left to hold down the fort at the Mill House. She hasn’t told a soul that this little girl has been plaguing her dreams, much like John had before she bumped into him in Heddwich, Pennsylvania. This wouldn’t be the first time she has seen the girl, and she figured that it won’t the last either. She pulled her supplies into her lap, curled up her feet beneath her, and began to sketch the image that stuck out in her mind from her recent dream. After about fifteen minutes of being hunched over and scribbling furiously, she had stared down at her art piece in puzzlement. She attempted to figure out who this girl was exactly, but from her past experience with John she figured she won’t find out until she meets the girl herself.

She shuffles through the various sketches she has done of the girl over the past weeks, until she notices something was off about this recent sketch. The girl didn’t have her necklace on like she has in the other sketches, and wonders if this is a new development. She hasn’t seen anything that could be identifying in anyway shape or form, but she feels that she should help find this girl. She just has no idea on where to start looking for her, only that she knows what she looks like. It is really starting to piss her off. The sound of the door to the house closing echoes throughout the room, and she hurriedly piles her sketches together and places them under the cushion she is sitting on. She can’t risk showing them yet. Not until she can give some useful information to John or Chas about the girl. She waits with her knees to her chest to see who has came back first…

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