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Summary: No touching, please.


Gender: Female

Age: 28*

Group: Angels


As an angel, she possesses incredible strength and speed far beyond ordinary men, and is far more loose with expressing that even compared to her brother Lucifer.

As with other fallen angels, she absconded of wings long ago, following her brothers example with having them cut out. This leaves her flightless, but her wings are still secured where she's confident they won't see the light of day for as long as she doesn't need them.

Her unique ability is to consume and destroy the body and soul or grace of any and all she touches, an affliction that causes permanent, irreparable, and agonizing damage over a very short amount of time until the individual she is in contact with whithers away into dust. Doing so supercharges her own natural powers as an angel, but at the cost of never being able to form a physical bond with anyone. The only beings immune to her touch are demons, who possess neither soul nor grace for her to consume.


In Hell, she was Lucifer's commander, as violent and destructive as one could get, and maintained an iron clad discipline over the chaotic forces that resided within.

Beyond Hell, she's managed to build herself a bit of a history that she occassionally changes to fit the new time she's in, which has gradually shifted from military to spy to law enforcement over the decades.


Single. Those who aim to change this don't last particularly long.


Standing in at roughly seventy one inches and little over a hundred and thirty pounds, Apollyon appears to be largely of Russian or Caucasian descent with a squarish and sharply defined face, her scarlet red hair kept no longer than her collar in a choppy sort of way thats mostly her own.

She's an athletic figure with plenty of defined muscle mass and real strength to back it, even compared to her fellow fallen angels. In the Pit she spent much of her time imparting her skill as a tool of destruction to high ranking demons in service to her brother, Lucifer, and she bears plenty of scars from keeping them in place as well.

Her appearance rarely ever varies when she manages to get free, but over the centuries she's mixed her aesthetic to be a hybrid of gothic, both modern and pre-maximillian, American midwest, and Soviet military to create her own look that she puts a lot of care and attention into. When permitted, she finishes it with her shashkas, two kabardian sabres of blackened steel and silver highlights encased in scabbards she's worked on for a long time.

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Image of Apollyon
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