Underage Partying

“Hey, Jezebel! Over here!” A female voice rang out over the noise of the raging party, and a dark haired teenager twirled around with what was clearly an alcoholic drink firmly in her hand. Her face split into a grin when she spotted the owner of the voice, chatting comfortably with a couple of hot college jocks in the corner of the frat house.

Jez smiled even wider as she approached the group, and noticed one jock smoking what was clearly wacky tobbaccy. The other had a lit cigarette, and the female was clearly intoxicated. ’This party just went from yawn to interesting.’ She thought to herself, and took a teasing sip from her drink. “Are you going to share some of that or do I just have to get my own?” She asked the jock with the joint halfway to his lips for a toke, and looked at him as he looked her over carefully.

”Are you even old enough to drink? Even better, are you old enough to be out this late?” He asked of her instead, and she gave him her most charming smile as she took another sip.

“You caught me, but what is the fun in obeying the rules all the time?” Jez responded with a grin, and shrugged her shoulders to let them know that she did not care at all. Sure she was only 16. Yeah she is drinking illegally. Of course she is too young to smoke weed or tobacco. She even sneaks out of her foster parents’ house at night to go to parties where she can do such things. She even knew that if she played her cards just right, she would even get laid with the three others before her.

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