Intro - Welcome to America

She collected her carryon from the compartment above her head, gently lowering it to the ground as busy passengers rushed to escape the confines of the passenger jet and disperse into the city of angels. An ironic name, she mused, given its nature and the frequent miles achieved by actual visiting angels. Perhaps that was why her brother loved it so much that he constantly had to escape, fly out on vacation, and enjoy the raucous company.

She readjusted her shawl, an elaborate piece with intricate silver designs over a black canvas, meticulously labored over for years following a unique paisley she couldn’t possibly recreate if she wanted to. Her gloves, long gauntlets of soft black velvet and lace blended seamlessly into her simple, fabricated undershirt worn simply for comfort, followed much of the same convention. She had discarded of both coat and hat a few hours before, seeing on her device that the weather would be hot and dry reaching into the nineties or even hundreds of degrees. Not that it would kill her, but it was still uncomfortable.

“Oh, may I help you with that miss?”

Looking up, she almost caught the tips of a young man's fingers with her nose, having to sweep herself around him to return to standing. He had a charming smile, and a complexion that gave her the impression he sought out sunlight wherever he went. The Rolex on his wrist said he could afford to.

“No,” she replied, her accent still thick from all the years she spent on Russian soil, “I am good, I am not of needing help, thank you.”

“Oh, please, I insist,” he pressed. A quick glance of his outstretched hand told her he had recently been wearing a ring, likely a wedding band. “A fine young woman like yourself shouldn’t have to struggle with stubborn ole bags. Please, allow me to help…”

Young, her. Hah. If only he knew.

Instead, she offered him a smile in return, her glossed lips parting to reveal bleached white teeth that she reckoned shined like stars to his eyes. It may have been her brother's special little power to turn men to their deepest desires, but she found that all too often, men were little more than simple creatures that required only the smallest of encouragement. A shame this one had pushed itself into her web.

“Oh- alright. Alright. Here,” she surrendered the handle of her suitcase under false pretenses, batting her eyes to maintain the illusion. A slight turn of the cheek, a show of minor embarrassment, and he was ensnared. They exited the plane together, him asking her questions she had heard all too often from base beings of his kind, feigning ignorance of this grand new land she came to, and leading him to the grand prize he sought, that he would so easily forfeit his bonds for. She had disciplined demons with greater commitment than him.

When the gloves did finally come off, she used his eagerness for a kiss to silence him, and within a minute of sharing a private restroom, she was alone again. She collected her case, brushed the dust off her shirt, and tried on his jacket a bit. It wasn’t quite right, but she could have it tailored. A start to a more appropriate business casual look for her stay. The Rolex was nice too.

Covered once more, she left his rapidly vanishing ashes behind, recovered all her belongings she had brought this trip, and made her way to the customs counter where a blonde American looking on the younger side in her deep blue uniform awaited her with professional smile.

She showed her passport, drawing down her shawl to prove the picture was hers. All seemed good and well to her, and she stamped her entry into the United States.

“Anything to declare, Miss Romanova?” she asked pleasantly.

“Ah, yes,” she pointed in the direction she came from, “I believe a man left his clothes in restroom, just over there. Much dust, too, perhaps from a cigar?”

The woman blinked, now mildly surprised. “Oh, uh, really?”

“Oh, yes. All his clothes- Very strange indeed,” she replied.

The young woman took a deep breath. “Okay, well- uh- thank you! We will have someone clean that out right away!”

“Thank you, but I am merely of trying to assist. It was no bother.”

The customs attendant nodded. “Of course, Miss. And do enjoy your stay in the States!”

“I will try very much, thank you!”

With little difficulty, she found herself an Uber willing to take her to the hotel she was staying in, a temporary place with a rather high price tag compared to most places she stayed, but then this was of course a big city, and an American one at that. Ultimately small change. She texted her brother briefly in the car ride over.

Landed safely! Heading to hotel to unpack!

His response came roughly a minute later.

Marvelous! It’ll be fantastic to catch up! See you tonight at Lux?

She smiled. The nightclub was his passion, and she loved that. All these small things they could escape to attend to, not bound up in Father's machinations. Of course, normally Lucifer would have been sent back by now, but for some reason he hadn’t, and the residents of Hell were growing restless. It was time to find out what held her favorite brother here on Earth.

See you tonight :D

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