The After Party

Jez had stumbled out of the car, her metabolism catching up to rid her system of the alcohol she had drank earlier in the evening. Her head started to clear, and she looked up to see that her party had moved from the frat house to one of the most popular nightclubs in LA. The line was down the block, and around the building.

She eyed the bouncer outside the door, and put on her best charming smile. She hooked her arms through one jock, and around the girl, who had her own arm through the other jock’s arm, and approached the door by passing the waiting line. She ignored the groans shouts of displeasure, and looked up as the bouncer placed himself in front of her group. She looked deeply into his eyes, “You don’t really want to stop me, do you? You can tell me what you really want...” She poured her mojo into the statement, and waited for the response.

”No. I want...I want...I want to...go home and make love to my wife.” The bouncer answered with a blink and a shake of his head. He had no idea why he confessed that to the strangers before him.

“I will tell you what; if you let us in, I will talk to your boss for you. Perhaps with some convincing, you will be able to do that.” Jez purred, and smiled when the bouncer only nodded his head and opened the door for them. “Thanks.” She whispered as she passed him, and then turned her attention to her new friends. “Didn’t I tell you that I could get us in?” She asked, not really expecting an answer back.

She spied someone who was obviously coordinating security and other club workers, and deduced that they were the person she needed to talk to in order to keep her end of the bargain. She told her friends that she would be right back, and went to work. She turned on her charm, and a few minutes later it was arranged that the front door bouncer would be going home in half an hour.

”That’s some trick you have there.” A female said from behind Jez. The tone told her that the owner will take no shit from anyone. She turned to see a bronze skinned female in tight leather, and arms crossed across her chest under her perky breasts. ”I am sure that the owner would be interested in meeting you.” The lady grabbed her elbow, and began to drag her away to take her to said owner of Lux...

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