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Summary: A lost cop and Mia's double.

Miles Turner

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

Alternate Earth in the not-too-distant future


Rookie Police Detective


Is usually wearing a cheap button-up shirt and slacks with suspenders. The typical detective outfit. Has medium length dark hair and blue eyes.


Miles is a dedicated detective with a keen sense of right and wrong that tends to get him in trouble when it comes to reading the fine lines of the law. His main drive is to protect others, even at the cost of his own life which is part of the reason why he ended up in the Savage Lands in the first place.

He is an avid runner and sport fan, and particularly enjoys playing for his precinct's baseball team.

He is also very protective of his newfound "sister" Mia.


Miles grew up in New York in Queens with his father. His mother had abandoned him and his father some time after Miles was born, which led to some deep seated trust issues. Still he is often friendly though finds it difficult to form long-lasting relationships with anyone.

He was able to gain a degree in criminal justice and quickly joined the police force where he proved to be a decent enough officer. Soon he began gunning for his detective shield and it wasn't until recently that he finally earned it.

And then his life took a turn for the weird.

It began one day when he was chasing a perp into an alley. He was nearly shot when he swore he saw a female detective appear out of nowhere in front of him for a brief second. These "visions" of a strange woman persisted, and eventually he attempted to communicate with her, finding to his horror that she too could see and hear him.

He would later learn that this woman was, in fact, himself in a parallel reality. And while there were some differences in their lives they were remarkably similar. The two of them were soon finding themselves working together to try and figure out why they had come to be "entangled" as it were.

They eventually discovered that a pair of scientists from both their realities were attempting to merge their realities together in an attempt to reunite with one another, their doubles having perished in their respective alternate realities.

Miles and Mia soon found themselves able to cross into one another's realities and together they worked to stop the scientists from destroying their universes. However, as a result both Miles and Mia were cast across the multidimensional void and soon found themselves in the Savage Lands...


An M-2019 "Detective Special" - a police issued sidearm.
He also carries typical police-issue items on his belt including a flashlight, and a pair of handcuffs.

Also has a photograph of his father and him on a fishing trip he took when he was eleven.


As a cop and athlete he is physically fit, though not to a remarkable degree. He can throw one hell of a fastball, however.

He's also a keen investigator, curious and inquisitive. Though this tends to be a double-edged sword as he's often falling into trouble because of this.

He suffers from a hero complex, throwing himself into danger to help others, often without thinking.

His main weakness is his "sister" Mia, whom he's grown fond of since their adventure together to save their worlds. He will do anything to keep her safe.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm here to help."

Character Notes

None at the moment.

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