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Summary: The diminutive and child-like race.


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Gender: Male/Female

Age: 12 to 20

Group: Native (Advanced)

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Diminutive and child-like race. The majority rarely reach a height of more than 4'6" and all sporting a petite build and pale complextion often with light colored hair.

Eloi prefer to wear loose tunics of white or pale blue.


The Eloi are a simple-minded and intellectually unremarkable people who make there home in the Machine City and are looked after and cared for by the Machine Men.

Eloi generally are uninterested in any activity that is not play, sleep, sex, or eating.


Eloi keep no records and only just barely have a concept of history.




Mild Telepathy
Total Pacifists, Non-Combative
Almost 95% of the Eloi encountered are female. Male Eloi are rarely if ever seen or encountered.

Favourite Sayings

" .... "

Character Notes

The most disturbing fact about the Eloi is that in addition to all the countless abuses they can suffer at the hands of the more Savage Humanoids races. They also serve as as an alternate food source when times are lean.

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Image of Eloi
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