Image of Morlock (Worker/Warrior)

Summary: Submen that haunt Machine City

Morlock (Worker/Warrior)

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Gender: Male/Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Monsters

Time/Place of Origin

Unknown ( Far Future )




Morlock (Workers/Warriors) are massive beasts standing roughly 7" tall with powerful upper bodies.

Covered in long oily hair Morlock's dress in crude leather breeches and smocks and often carry assorted tools on their person.






Long knives, Spears,


Large size, Physically Superior
Low Intelligence, Nocturnal Predator
Favorite Pray "Eloi's"

Favourite Sayings

" Roar !!! "

Character Notes

In addition to killing and eating Eloi whenever possible, Morlock's can and often do mate with them as well. A pairing that more often than not results in an pure Morlock offspring.

( Eloi females rarely survive the birth of their first Morlock offspring however. )

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Image of Morlock (Worker/Warrior)
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