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Summary: A lost cop and Miles' double.

Mia Turner

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

Alternate Earth in the not-too-distant future.


Rookie Police Detective


Wears a white button down shirt and a black tie and black jeans. Has short dark hair and blue eyes.


A no-nonsense cop who always gets her man. She's tough and possesses an iron will that drives her to finish everything she starts. Though she has an internal warmth and compassion that she rarely lets show due to the requirements of her job.

She likes beer and watching movies late at night. She also loves to swim.

She harbors a strong connection to her "brother" Miles and will do everything to keep him safe.


Mia grew up in New York in Queens with her father. Her mother had abandoned them some time after Mia was born, which led to some deep seated trust issues. Still she is often friendly though finds it difficult to form long-lasting relationships with anyone.

She was able to gain a degree in criminal justice and quickly joined the police force where she proved to be a decent enough officer. Soon she began gunning for her detective shield and it wasn't until recently that she finally earned it.

And then her life took a turn for the weird.

She began to see a man who looked shockingly like her. This man turned out to be her from another universe, and together the two of them learned of a plot to try and merge their universes into one. A feat that would've undoubtedly doomed both realities. Together, Mia and Miles were able to stop this and save their worlds, but at a terrible cost. They were flung across the multiverse into the Savage Lands. There, the two of them find themselves in a far more dire situation than before...


Carries a Glock 17. Standard issue.
Also carries a knife for close encounters.

She also carries a photograph of her and her father on a fishing trip when she was eleven.


As a cop and an avid swimmer she's physically fit.

She tends to be more adventurous than her double, Miles, who tends to be more cautious. Which comes with the benefits and drawbacks of such behavior.

She can be rather impetuous. Which has caused her grief in the past. It's also caused a small issue between her and her "brother" recently...

Favourite Sayings

"I'm not waiting."

Character Notes

None at this time.

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