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Summary: A teenager from the streets of prohibition-era Boston and an opportunistic little shit.

Joseph 'Joe' Selleck

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

Boston, USA, 1924


Street urchin, pickpocket, swindler, petty thief, bootlegger when given the opportunity, and anything that'll get him a little cash (except prostitution because "that's for queers")


175 cm / 5'10"
Slightly lanky, wiry build
Black flat cap, grey linen vest, dark grey coat, dark brown linen pants with suspenders, low-cut boots


Joe's main interest is Joe. His first question in any situation is always: how does this benefit me? If it doesn't, how can I make it so? This also means he's not against working together, as long as his net gain is in the green. If it starts to look like it isn't, he'll leave you to the dogs. Or the dinosaurs.


It's always about survival for Joe. It was a miracle he made it out of his toddler years in the first place, with the amount of fighting his parents did. He was already out of the house as much as he could at age 6, and when his father left for The Great War a few years later, Joe was a bona fide street rat, nicking stuff for petty cash and dreaming of joining a real gang.

Then a folded flag came back instead of his dad, his mom threw herself into the river, and Joe found himself with no home or parents. He expanded his criminal activities to running alcohol when gangs would let him, lying about his age and saying he looked younger than he was (when in fact he looked a bit beyond his age). He learned to get around without drawing attention, and striking when opportunity was ripe.

He managed to steal and smuggle enough to take care of a few other kids that lived on the streets, long enough for them to get picked up by a boarding school or orphanage. Cops sent him into such institutions a few times too, but his habits of stealing and fighting meant he never stayed for long. Joe didn't do well with rules or laws.


Straight-edge razor and a butterfly knife.


Physically in good shape. Quick on his feet, excellent reflexes and fairly limber. Can hold his own in a knife fight or bare-knuckle boxing against opponents his age or untrained adults. Very adaptable and survival focused.

Moral compass points every way but north. Highly opportunistic and not terribly opposed to hurting or killing people if he thinks it'll help him. As a product of his time, bit of a sexist, racist homophobe.

Favourite Sayings

"Grim reaper ain't no lawyer."

"I come first, second and third, then I might make room for you."

Character Notes

Teenager, so might still be malleable given the circumstances.

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