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Summary: Calvary Officer, First to fight

Major Robert G. Jackson (RJ)

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Gender: Male

Age: 40s

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

US, Frontier, 1890s


US, Calvary Officer from 1890
1st Calvary Regiment.


1887 regulation blue wool Calvary jacket with brass buttons and dark yellow trim. White heavy cotton shirt, black suspenders 1887 regulation wool pants with brass buttons Mid-Blue, Black leather belt, Calvary black leather boots. black hat with brass cross sabers on it. black leather gun belt with two black holsters that hold his pistols. Two black leather pouches for ammo, a saber on his left side, Leather Calvary gloves. He stands Five foot eleven inches and weighs about 190 lb has red brown hair short and neat with light blue eyes. Dose have some battle scars across his body. He always has a neat and well kept appearance as much as passable sporting a grand mustache of the time.


Robert Glenn Jackson like a grown-up version of the Earnest soldier. He knows what the world is all about, but he intends to do make sure his job is done and see to it that his command goals are met, with no complaints and no backtalk. He’s a combination of supporter and drill sergeant. He leads by example, and he usually leads. He gets to know the minds of his companions and upon their own goals and desires to get this accomplished. This doesn’t make him a villain like a Hypocrite he probably intends this to be to everyone’s benefit. Like a Crusader, he performs best when he’s headed in the direction of his personal goal; unlike the Crusader, he doesn’t have just one goal that dominates his life and can add the other Peoples goals to his own. But if he does take on someone else’s goal, you can be sure that he’ll be unceasing and maybe unbearable in trying to motivate that character toward that goal. He won’t let the other People abandon the goal. Robert just never gives up. This he is suited for this roll. Obviously, as he’s is good person that fallows the law, his goals will be the goals of his command and his society; if he’s In combat situations, Robert Jackson charges into the thick of things and tries to whip up his allies into a combat frenzy. He gravitates to the center of the skirmish line, and if he’s fit for it will try to take on the biggest and baddest opponents. In situations, he’ll be a vigorous font of advice and helpfulness. He tends to be abrupt of speech and firmly set in his opinions sometimes stubborn, but he’s usually a good friend to have around.


Robert was Born in Pennsylvania in 1850 into a wealthy educated family. Growing up during the Civil War in their large house in Boston Maine having a lot of privet schooling His father served in the US army as an officer during the Civil War retired at the rank of Colonel. Robert went to West Point at the age of 17 in 1867 just after the Civil war was over graduated with high honors commissioned in 1871 just as the Indian wars were at their peak. most of his experience was during American Indian Wars and expansion to the west. He has over his time learned a grate many skills on how to survive in the wilderness Indian fighting techniques and is a skilled expert in close quarters fighting. He has been known for his accuracy with firearms, accomplished horsemen ship and master saber skills. His quick reflexes have got him out of more trouble than he can count.

Major Jackson was riding tracking a band of criminals hiding towards Kansas had been riding hard all day. fallowing them. It was getting dark and a storm could be seen coming his way. Flashes of lighting and the winds were getting stronger he found some old trees and got ready for what ever was coming the clouds started to spin in different diction's Robert knew that was not right and dangerous soon the cyclone was on him he could not see he just lade face down hoping to live thought it all something hit him in the head knocking him out. when he woke up, he looked around he was not in Kansas anymore he could see that. His horse was not far laying down as Robert got up the horse jumped to its feet and walked over shaken but seemed all right. Robert wondered how he got here and where was here.


carries a tin cup or boiler for his coffee, a metal plate, knife, fork, and spoon, small frying pan or half of an old canteen for cooking their salt pork and hardtack. Tin canteen covered with a cotton and wool. knapsack made of cotton canvas and painted black to repel water. Called the "Soldier's trunk" it was large enough to hold a Soldier's extra clothing, personal items, a gum blanket and shelter half (or "dog tent") with a rolled-up blanket. Hammic, Calvary Overcoat strapped on top of the saddle. food, water, and first-aid gear. Leather bound journal, Ink, pin, comb, strait razer shaving , shaving brush, sop, leather shaving pouch,Bible leather bound, wool blanket, ornate smoking pipe, bag leather pouch with tobacco, steel mirror, leather wallet with silver dollars in it, flint and steel, tinder box tin, uniforms socks ect. Two buffalo hides, Tin Lantern Candle Holder, 5 candles, deck of cards for poker, Drinking Flask, Cleaning kits. Army binoculars, Army compass. small Bible.

Hunting Bowie knife was 9 1⁄2 in blade long.

2 (custom) Colt Army Model 1890 Pistol .45 or .45 Colt, 7 1/2” barrel /matching pair notes hip holsters, ammo, cylinders X2 (hold 6 rounds)

(custom) Winchester Model 1886 was a lever-action repeating rifle in .45-70 Government or .45-70 "Forager" round, ammo. (holds 8 rounds)

(Custom) Model 1860 heavy cavalry sabre

Tomahawk pipe

His horse called Saber a mustang brown in color with, Cavalry saddle, bit & bridle, halter and saddle blanket. Saber is a highly trained cavalry horse.


Robert has a natural ability to impress and lead other. Resonant voice he has a naturally clear, resonant, and attractive voice. Influence or reaction when people hear him speak. Robert is seen as a highly skilled professional being a Calvary Officer has its benefits. Quick combat reflexes active defense to attacks, never “freeze in a surprise situation, quickly to wake up, or to recover from surprise or mental stun. Seldom surprise if he is the leader, he can warn others of an ambush. he is incredibly difficult to kill tough constitution.

As a neat freak he likes the house to be clean and to have every element of his life tidy and in order. He does not repetitively and obsessively clean things, but they also can get upset when something is out of order because order equals control, hence security and safety. He has a native reaction to people that makes messes and move things around for no reason. His father gave him silver Cross he would do anything to get it back. Hats dealing with bandits he has no respect for there way of life. Rats, he knows that carry disease. He thinks of them as dirty animals. Will kill them if he has the chance. Robert is Intolerant of stupidity he cannot deal with the stupid people. Not everyone is stupid, but He swears that the world is getting dumber by the day. His view is those who have perfectly good brains but apparently refuse to utilize them.

His code of honor (Calvary Officer): As a Calvary Officer he should be tough but fair, lead from the front, and look out for his men; an enlisted man should look out for his buddies and take care of his equipment. Every soldier should be willing to fight and die for the honor of his unit and commander, service, and country; follow orders; obey the “rules of war”; treat an honorable enemy with respect (a dishonorable enemy deserves a bullet); and bear the good name of the US Calvary with pride. He is Selfless altruistic and self-sacrificing, and put little importance on personal fame and wealth. You must not put his needs even survival before those of someone else. Code of honor (Gentleman’s) Never break your word. Never ignore an insult to yourself, a lady, or your flag. Never take advantage of an opponent in any way; weapons and circumstances must be equal (except in open war). This only applies between gentlemen.

Favourite Sayings


“First to fight!”

“Just die!”

Character Notes

What can I say the is a Calvary Officer his friends call him RJ.
Awarded Medal of Honor "White Bird Canyon" of 1877.
was top of his class in Pankration wrestling and saber.

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