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Summary: Mostly useless emo mutant that killed billions of people on accident.

Berin Krolskin

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Gender: Male

Age: 450

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

Distant dystopian future


Occupation: Survivor
Title: Planet Killer
Rank: King of Earth


Berin's cold green eyes give the impression they look through everyone and everything. Windswept steel hued hair would threaten to obscure his vision if it wasn't held in place by a thin layer of grease. His black trousers looked dirty but showed no signs of damage. He wore a loose fitting grey v-neck shirt that was mostly covered by what appeared to be a denim jacket. The jacket has a large black circle patch adorning the back and the words "King of Earth" are sloppily stitched above it in a language that wouldn't be discernible to most inhabitants of the savage lands.

There were slight creases across Berin's weathered skin that belied a hard life, though they were slightly obscured by the salt and pepper stubble that adorned his angular chin.

Not a large man, Berin stands at 5'10", though his frame is thin every muscle is as hard as steel.


Berin is a loner, he has spent many years without speaking to another person and so his social skills have heavily deteriorated. While he may be rude or crass he isn't inherently evil and won't hurt other people unprovoked. Berin will avoid speaking to or travelling with others if possible unless he has a specific reason to deviate from that.


Berin lived in relative peace with his parents until he was thirteen and the government drafted him into the military super soldier program. At the time human soldiers had all but been replaced on the battlefield by their AI counterparts and the program aimed to improve the bodies and minds of its participants beyond those of AI soldiers. The program was not only a failure but produced genetically unstable monsters that caused unprecedented damage to the cities they were created in. Berin's mutation was much more subtle and dangerous. His cells became immune to all forms of radiation and instead began to absorb it. Trying to test his limits the agency continuously pumped his body full of radiation for multiple years. Every second of every day for years on end was pure torture and eventually he couldn't bear it any longer and pushed back attempting to stop the radiation flow. Every ounce of radiation they had sent into him released in one burst and all life on planet earth was extinguished in minutes. Berin no longer considers himself human as he no longer ages and doesn't require food. He spent hundreds of years alone before finding the rift into the savage lands.


Weapons: None
Equipment: Berin's clothing is made of highly durable material similar to kevlar. It will never be damaged by normal wear and tear and provides protection against slashing damage but none against blunt force.


Advantages: Stronger than average for his build but not by a large margin. Does not age but can be killed. Does not require food to survive but does experience hunger. Immune to radiation.

Disadvantages: Poor social skills, Inexperience interacting with humans makes him a bit gullible in certain situations, crippling guilt.

Quirks: Having experienced hundreds of years of starvation has left him very protective of his food and his guilt causes him to avoid intimacy.

Favourite Sayings

Berin hasn't had enough human interaction to prefer one saying over another.

Character Notes

Berin doesn't have any combat or crafting skills as he was used as a test subject in the military and didn't attend any schools past the age of 13.

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Image of Berin Krolskin
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