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Summary: One of the last of the Samurai

Takeda Hanshiro

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

Around the mid 1860’s feudal Japan when the Samurai class was being disbanded.




Takeda dresses in traditional Japanese clothing. He wears a black men’s kimono with sock and wood sandals. With a grey cloak (have to find the proper term for the garment).


Takeda tends to be serious about things, even having fun. He has been exposed to the industrial revolution of the west and the civil war in Japan he is caught between the “old ways” and the new western ways.

He is interested in learning and improving his craft and skills.


Takeda Hanshiro is one of the last to be trained in the art of the Samurai. He he lives his life the code of Bushido. To strive to better oneself and learn, to be physically fit and prepared for battle and death. He is trained in the bow, the swords, dagger, and unarmed fighting.

His family is land owners that grow rice and other agricultural products. In the last ten years, his family has come into it’s wealth from the gun trade that is taking place in Japan at this time. Takeda has traveled to Britain and studied there for a couple years. He was regarded as a social oddity or curio in British society.

He is struggling with the social change. He carries his swords wrapped in a leather binding that is tied. He still practices in secret, to do so openly would bring dishonor on his family. He carries a “new” colt six shooter and a flint lock rifle, and ammunition that he is peddling for his family.


A colt six shooter, a rifle (need some help, don’t think they were Carthage loaders), his swords.


Curiosity- part of the code is to study and learn new things.
Knows how to make black powder and cast bullets.
Can make a basic bow and knows some blacksmithing.

Very Honor based - Personal honor, family honor above all else. He can’t let an insult slide.

He is very ritualistic in his personal habits and care for his weapons.

Favourite Sayings

“The samurai is the first to suffer anxiety for human society, and he is the last to seek personal pleasure.”

Death is already here, we should meet it.

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Image of Takeda Hanshiro
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