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Summary: Teen Wilderness Vlogger & Insta Personality

Sofi Koskinen

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

2020 / West Virginia


High School Student / Lifestyle Vlogger & Insta Personality


A petite five foot nothing and so skinny she almost disappears when she turns sideways, Sofi is hardly imposing. Brown hair that wants to be auburn is worn long and usually braided into a heavy fishtail or two twin pigtails on either side of her face. Brown eyes turn almost almond shaped when she smiles, a legacy of her Finnish ancestry generations ago.

Sofi is dressed in a pair of olive colored denim blend hiking pants, and wears a wool long-sleeved pink and blue plaid shirt over a heather colored cami top. Sensible lightweight hiking shoes with two layers of socks protect her feet. A rain poncho is stuffed tightly into a small pouch inside one cargo pocket and an Altoid tin survival kit from her "Keep it Tiny" vlog challenge is in another. It holds a very small selection of typical survival tin items, nothing fancy or expensive.


As a vlogger, Sofi habitually wears a cheerful, engaging personality to draw in her viewers that's become second nature. Unlike most teenage girls there's very little she's squeamish about. Like most teenage girls she is quick to turn other people's emotions into her own anxieties and is very receptive to and influenced by the moods of people around her. She counters with her extroverted persona and tries to wear the troubles on the inside.

Sofi is of course interested in the outdoors, particularly hiking and camping whether it be with modern conveniences or roughing it off the land with the most minimal of current technological advances. She is an avid follower of beauty vlogs and though it never shows on her own content she tries a lot of beauty tips, hair styles, and pampering herself when she's at home. Sofi plans to join the US Forest Service when she's older.


What do you do when your Dad is a keen outdoorsman and noted camping and hiking author? You follow in Daddy's footsteps since before you could toddle and share his love for nature. Of course Daddy's a little old fashioned like all adults so instead of writing for magazines and authoring books Sofi creates her content for the internet. Not quite a young female Steve Irwin, Sofi still enjoys a considerable following on her YouTube channel and on her Insta. Sure, some of it is creepers, and they're not all guys either! - but mainly it's people drawn into Sofi's enthusiasm and love for the outdoors who enjoy experiencing it through her life.

About to start her junior year in high school, Sofi lives in West Virginia with her parents. She plans to work for the US Forest Service after she goes to college and hopes to bring her way of engaging people through social media to the age old agency.


Rain poncho
Small multitool
Small LED flashlight
Altoid Tin Survival Kit
iPhone 11 and an external battery, selfie stick, and LED ring light.


Sofi is comfortable living outdoors and possesses survival skills very uncommon to Americans in her current time much less girls her age.

Addicted to social media, especially her presence and reception, and the need for instant, always on lifestyle despite her passion for outdoor life.

Sofi suffers from optical migraines at least once a week and has endometriosis which makes her periods more painful than normal.

Favourite Sayings

"Hey, everyone! Sofi here and it's a great day to get outside!"

"Like Dad says, sometimes Nature has her own mind how things are going to go. Best to go along with her."

"Ain't never could do nothing!"

Character Notes

"Remember to hit Subscribe and Like so I can keep bringing the Outside Inside to you!"

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