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Summary: Sheriff

Flynn White-Chapel

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

2056, Alt Earth where the Cold War 'ended' the world and caused an out break of zombie like creatures.

Flynn lived in the west in an area know as 'The Dust Lands'


Sheriff and Forsaken hunter.


White cowboy hat with a black band, red bandanna, blue jeans and black chaps, black vest, white and grey undershirt. black boots with silver spurs. Long blonde hair in a pony tail, black nail polish. Duel black gun belts. Gray and white gloves with weights in the wrist to prevent recoil from large hand cannons. Caucasian, green eyes. Plenty of scars both from before and after coming to the Savage Lands


work in progress


Born on a version of Earth where the Cold War came to a head and half the world planet was destroyed, a very small amount of people survived the end of the world. Those that didn't get so lucky became what those left alive called the Forsaken. Mindless creatures of baser instincts. Undying, unchanging. They would not rot away, they would not starve. Flynn was a hunter and town Sheriff. Going into what was once cities and killing as many as his groups could at a time, making areas safe for the scavengers.

His look is based off a comic from his universe that his mother found in a shop, under glass and in a protective sleeve when he was young.


Holt Peacekeepers w/ spikes under grip for pistol whipping.
2 holster belts
trench knife
boots with spurs
gloves with balance weights.
headphones (found in the Savage Lands)
old army Indian Motorcycle with saddle bags (Found in the Savage Lands)
M1 Garand (found in the Savage Lands)
Range Finder used as monocular (Found in the Savage Lands)
an old wrinkled comic that he read thousands of times


Adaptive to new things he finds, good marksman skills.
Acts like a hero from an old comic.

Favourite Sayings

Work in progress

Character Notes

Forsaken are unlike zombies in that injuries inflicted by them do not cause you to turn. Why Flynn's scars aren't deadly or haven't cause him to become infected.

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Image of Flynn White-Chapel
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