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Summary: A revolutionary out of time

Beatriz Rivero

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

Cuba, 1955
Born 1929


Guerilla soldier in the Cuban Revolution


Like most of her fellow soldiers, Beatriz wears a simple button-up shirt and simple slacks. She keeps a small pack on her with multiple rounds and always has two guns on hand.

Her hair, which is dark brown, almost black, is frequently tied back in a ponytail or a bun to keep it from getting in her face. There is a long scar along the curve of her cheekbone, and two more, on her forearm and on her leg. She has a lean but muscular frame.


Beatriz is a very passionate individual who has dedicated herself to her cause. She fights with a lot of fire and is very stubborn at times. She is also very naturally protective, both of her fellow fighters and also of her family. Due in part to her experience in the revolution, she has become a skilled strategist, survivalist, hand-to-hand fighter, and marksman. Outside of the war, though it has consumed much of her life, she is very bookish and appreciates music.


Born into a poor family just outside of Havana, Beatriz learned how to fight at an early age. The eldest of three, she became used to having to help provide for her family. Though her mother wanted her to get married and get away from their life, she refused all her attempts doing her best to make sure her family was safe, even if it meant she couldn't move forward. After an accident killed multiple people in her neighborhood, including her mother and permanently injuring her youngest brother, she began engaging with guerilla fighting groups, seeking to make a change. Although her work with them was administrative at the beginning, she learned how to fight and shoot and joined the soldiers' ranks.


-An old trench knife
-A single pistol kept in a waist holster
-A Mambi AMR slung over her back
-Multiple rounds for both weapons
-A small medkit and two days of rations in her pack


Beatriz is a skilled strategist, fighter, and marksman and can survive in difficult conditions for a long time if necessary

Is very stubborn and when butted against, can be easily riled up. Her formally injured leg, though fully healed, sometimes aches at times and if kicked at or hit the right way, can cause her to collapse

While thinking, focusing, or bored, Beatriz will occasionally toy with her dagger

Favourite Sayings

"Vamos!" - Let's go

Character Notes

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Image of Beatriz Rivero
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