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Summary: An Eloi Exile among Exiles


Gender: Female

Age: 33 years

Group: Native (Advanced)

Time/Place of Origin

Native Advanced / Eloi / Machine City


Exile, Caretaker, Companion


Na is slight woman with long gold colored hair and petite stature standing no more than 5' tall often dressed in white tunics of a Greco-roman styled made of gossamer silk cloth.

Na tends towards simple jewelry and adornments of silver consisting of 1 or 2 rings, a bracelet fitted with a blue crystal, and a simple neck chain.


By Eloi standards Na is an ancient given that the majority rarely survive more than 15 years.

Unlike the majority of Eloi one could encounter in the Savage Lands. Na is perhaps a little less innocent and a little more jaded. While not one to dwell on the past the fact remains that she has suffered at the hands of others and no longer trusts as easily as she once did.


Once long ago Na was just a simple Eloi who lived a simple and carefree life in the Machine City among many friends and wanting for nothing until the day the Morlock raided the city and dragged her and her friends into the dark undercity.

It was there that she was tortured and made to watch in horror as her friends were butchered and eaten alive by there Morlock captors.

It was only by chance that Na was able to escape and somehow find her way back to the surface only to be captured again. This time by a group of 'Travelers' lead by a man called The Butcher.

In the 'care' of The Butcher and his followers that Na was made to suffer far worse torments than most could imagine. The young Eloi made to serve as the groups plaything and entertainment for longer than she could remember until on day The Butcher and his followers challenged the wrong Traveler on the Jungle paths and was killed.

The Traveler proved a kindly soul and sympathetic offering to escort Na home to the Machine City.

They both discovered soon enough that Na was no longer welcome there and the Eloi who she had once called friends found her to be an ugly thing and her thoughts vile and hateful. Unable to tolerate the sight of her they demanded that she leave the Machine city and never return.

With no place to call home Na chose to follow the Traveler south to the Fall Valley. Learning along the way that her companion was named Taal and that Fall Valley was where 'Mother' lived and that she would know what to do to help.

It was in the Fall Valley that Na found a home for herself and her daughter and over time found that she loved Taal and that perhaps Taal might love her as well a love Na is certain that an ugly creature such as herself did not deserve.


Na has access to some unique artifacts from the Machine City that she keeps on her person ...

** Memory Link - An item common among the Eloi the Memory Link ( Or simply Link ) is a self contained image and audio recorder coupled biometric data collection device used by the Machine Men to look after the Eloi of Machine City.

** Mind Sphere - Na uses the device as a simple light source but it does a great deal more.

** Healers Rings - A simple pair of silver rings that used together can perform diagnostic functions and heal most injuries.


Native, Quick Learner, Empathic
Distrustful of Outsiders/Travelers
Small - Childlike

Favourite Sayings

" Travelers lie, Their words cannot always be trusted ... "

" Once I was a Slave to a man, Never again... "

" I know many secrets, some are far to terrible to tell. "

Character Notes

* Na knows a great deal more about the Savage Lands and its many peoples than she cares to. She also travelled the Lands between the Fall Valley and the Machine City more times than she can count but has not entered the city since her exile.

** The Ugly truth that Na has learned is that the Eloi are nothing more than mindless cattle to the Morlock's who dwell beneath the Machine City and that the care and protection the Machine Men seemingly provide is an illusion at best.

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