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Summary: A young inventor from a distant future and world


Gender: Male

Age: Early 20's

Group: Travelers (Future)

Time/Place of Origin

3009 AD - The starship "Destiny" in deep space




A wiry young man with dusty blonde hair wearing overalls and a tanktop stained with grease spots. Wears a tool belt with his tools and gadgets.


Gil is a survivor and an inventor. His hard life in deep space as a slave made him quick on his feet and quicker in the mind. He learns fast, because those who didn't died fast. However, time with friends aboard the ship "Destiny" allowed him to develop more of a friendly personality. He cares for people and knows his skills can help those who can't help themselves.

He has a facility with languages able to learn them incredibly fast, again a byproduct of his time as a slave to interstellar pirates.

He's also a skilled inventor, often coming up with new gadgets to help him survive.


Gil has no recollection of where he came from prior to becoming a slave to a race of alien pirates. At the time of his servitude, humanity had yet to actually arrive in the galaxy he found himself in, only adding to the mystery when the exploratory crew of The Destiny arrived and freed him.

He was only a boy at the time, around twelve some figured, but quickly took to the crew and proved invaluable in their mission to decode a mysterious signal embedded in the very fabric of the universe. In that time he grew up into a dependable young man. His adventures across the universe solidifying his sense of purpose and reaffirmed by the friends he'd made.

But then he found himself in the Savage Lands. How, he does not know as his memories have been erased. Once again alone on a strange world and forced to fight for survival, Gil turned somewhat bitter and hardened until he came across the Eloi. His natural instinct to help those in need, like his old friends on Destiny, returned and he now works to help the Eloi and other travelers with his gadgets and skills.


Carries a tool bag with various tools for fixing machines ranging from screwdrivers and spanners to a portable welder and a somewhat kitbashed omni-tool. Also carries a number of helpful gadgets.

Universal Translator - A special translator of Gil's own design. The translator has numerous languages already programmed into it by Gil, and he continues to add to it with every language he learns.

Kino - A hovering probe shaped like a small sphere. Is controlled via remote and can gather data in various forms, though Gil primarily uses it as a hovering camera. This kino in particular shows signs of having been damaged and repaired on numerous occasions. Originally a survey tool used by Destiny crew members before exploring a planet.

Slingshot - A weapon Gil built during his time being hunted by alien pirates. Has proven invaluable multiple times and has various ammo types built by Gil for various purposes such as:
Noise makers - Small devices that emit sounds meant to distract potential threats.
Stunners - Special capsules of his own design that, on impact, deliver a serious electric shock that stuns most critters and humans. Can only be used with his slingshot.
Stink bombs - Capsules with various noxious fluids and gasses that can incapacitate larger enemies with vomit-inducing effects. Also fun to use on annoying Travelers.
Just plain 'ol bombs - Capsules with the right mixture of common chemicals in the proper proportions. Gil often prefers not to use them as they're hard to make. And he's not fond of killing things unless he absolutely has to.


Gadgeteer Genius - Gil is capable of figuring most things out if he can take it apart.

Cunning Linguist - His time among aliens has forced him to learn new languages quickly. Though most of the languages he knows are alien. He's already got a number of Earth languages under his belt during his time in the Savage Lands.

Survivor - Savage lands were basically Gil's back yard as a kid. He's skilled at surviving harsher worlds than this one.

Not a great fighter. He can bring the pain with his gadgets but if stripped of them he's more inclined to retreat and regroup rather than fight with his bare hands or with weapons. While scrappy, he's gotten himself into trouble numerous times after running out of gadgets.

Introverted and socially awkward. While he likes people he tends to favor solitude due to his history of losing people he cares for.

A bit of a kleptomaniac. Life as a scavenger trying to gather parts for items crucial to his survival have bestowed upon him the nasty habit of stealing random things he finds interesting or useful.

He loves gathering music to play through his Kino.

Often swears in alien languages, to the confusion of those around him.

Favourite Sayings

"I can fix anything."

"Fl'ksb'ker!" (Closest translation: "Eat shit!")

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