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Summary: 7 foot tall lizard medicine woman


Gender: Female

Age: 67

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

Alternate Prehistoric Earth


Medicine woman


She wears a tunic styled dress that allows her freedom of movement. A belt at her waist allows her to carry a pouch and a knife. Her medicine bag. is carried with her. She stands almost 7 foot tall when her head crests are erect, covered in smooth scales that have the ability to shift colors to blend in with her environment. She is humanoid in shape with a long spine tail that can be used to help with balance or as a weapon.


She is a medicine woman for her tribe. A healer who is used to dealing in the mystical realm of spirits to help with healing. She is skilled in many skills that prehistoric men/women would know. Hunting, tanning hides, drying/smoking meats,preparing food and drinks, making stone weapons and tools, assisting the shaman with certain rituals. She enjoys weaving baskets and mats and is able to make nearly watertight baskets quickly with an eye for patterns.


She was chosen at a young age to serve as the next medicine woman of her tribe. She learned very quickly and has an empathetic nature and an intuitive knack for healing. She has some small skill at working with stone and bone to make simple tools.


She carries a pack with some simple stone tools and a spear with very sharply edged stone blade. She always has her medicine pouch with her and her pack, which contains her tools. She has a variety of stone knives, some for hunting, some for skinning, some for other works. Tools for starting a fire and the like are also in her pack. She also carries some "magical' items used for ceremonies, red clay, ochres, datura, mushrooms, and special stones and crystals.


She is tall and very strong compared to a human and the teeth, claws and spiny crests are likely to make her seem more monster than potential friend.

She is very smart, but not educated (think caveman level) and things like firearms, gunpowder, electricity and running water will seem like magic to her.

She isn't violent per se, though she will defend herself. Being a healer by nature she will try to help anyone she can tell is hurt or suffering. She is quite the skilled herbalist and talented at setting broken bones.Her skills with herbs also make her a good cook, though she isn't opposed to eating things raw if need be.

She can speak, but no modern languages to start, so sign language will have to be her main way of communicating.

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Character Notes

She had gone off to a sacred cave to prepare herself for a ceremony. The Shaman was going to have her help with a special ritual for a hunt. The next thing she knew she woke up in a strange land among strange people. She doesn't know how she arrived there but she believes the gods must have a purpose for her.

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