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Summary: A true believer trying to save the true believers from their beliefs

Ellen Stevens

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Native (Advanced)

Time/Place of Origin

The believers


Ellen is a priestess that has fallen from power when her faction fell from grace. She was spared from the resulting purge by an administrative mistake. She opposed the invasion of the Valley on religious and economic grounds. She is open to the idea of trade and dialog as a means of reaching the unenlightened of the valley. She also wants to save the Eloi from their work as whores and cattle.


Ellen wears a brown dress that falls to her ankles brown leather boots. She has tattoos that tell her story and jewelry that shows her former rank.


Charming, perceptive, manipulative, and fanatical (she is a true believer).
She has learned many “evil” ways in the name of good - poisoning, assassination, forgery, and the like.

She has learned to fight with hand, staff, and knife.

She is interested in gaining power to protect her faction and further their beliefs. She does not wish to be the Supreme, but the one behind the scene.


Ellen was born into a family of believers. At an early age she had a vision and knew her calling was to become a priestess. Her path took her into a moderate faction, which was more willing to work with outsiders than kill them. A hard core faction came into power that purged them after the believers tried to take over the valley.


Posions, dagger, staff, religious items.


She is a true believer with a moderate take on the faith.
She has learned the way of those in power and can use it.

She still has enemies
She is not always trustworthy though she is loyal.

She likes to rub her fingers against fabric.
She taps her finger or toe when she is nervious.

Favourite Sayings

“A little prayer will show you and answer.”

“I believe you used the wrong form, let me help you with that.”

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Image of Ellen Stevens
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