Image of Mother ~ Elsa Volkov

Summary: The Mother of Fall Valley

Mother ~ Elsa Volkov

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Gender: Female

Age: Deceased (68 years old)

Group: Suspended Status / Retired / Deceased

Time/Place of Origin

1997 - Russia


Mission Pilot
Lt. Colonial


The only image that remains of Elsa Volkov is a portrait kept in the Hall of Audience. A replica painting of a photo that was lost or destroyed years ago.

The image depict's an attractive woman in her late twenties, early thirties dressed in a Soviet Era military uniform. With bright green eyes and dark brown hair.


Elsa always held a strong belief in the ideals of a purist socialist state but also recognized the short comings that are human nature including greed and self interest. Thus why the social order of Fall Valley is seemingly simplistic and yet impossibly complex at the same time.

Always one to put others before herself she did her best to instill this belief in both her daughter and those who followed her. This is also why the Role of Leadership in Fall Valley is a less than desirable position because it requires the leader to place the needs of the Valley before the self.


A gifted student Elsa had earned degrees in Engineering, Political Science, and Lingistic's just before her 19th Birthday.

From school Elsa joined the Russian Air force earning her wings in short order and assuming a position in one of many logistical squadrons flying cargo and passengers around the world for several years.

It was really by chance ( or bad luck as Elsa was fond of saying ) that she was drafted into an off shoot of the Russian Space program whose stated mission was to secretly place first strike assets in orbit over the United States and its Allies.

It was during her first test flight of the secret spacecraft that Else an her fellow crewmembers accidentally discovered a hole into subspace and found themselves in the Savage Lands.




Intelligent, Idealist, Scientist, and Humanitarian.
Heavy Drinker and Smoker, Morbid sense of Humor.
Addicted to Trashy American Romance Novels.

Favourite Sayings

" I don't hold grudges, I remember the facts and then act accordingly. "

" Do not believe everything you hear. Their are always three sides to the story. There is Yours, Theirs, and the Truth. "

" The problem with close minded people is that their mouths are always open. "

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