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Summary: A Hybrid Eloi/Morlock, daughter of Na


Gender: Female

Age: 19 Years old

Group: Native (Advanced)

Time/Place of Origin

Native - (Half Eloi / Half Morlock )


Alpha Eloi


Ky stands at just over 5'4" tall with long white hair and the complexion not unlike eggshells. Dress wise Ky prefers clothing of dark and gothic styles mostly because she feels the common attire of the Eloi is unflattering.


The biological daughter of the Eloi Na and the byproduct of the very rare event of a mating between an Eloi and a Morlock Noble. An event that more often than not results in the death of the Eloi.


Powerful Telepathic, Telekinetic, Precognative abilities.
Dedicated Carnivore, Aura of Fear

Favourite Sayings

" Inside every person you know there is someone you do not... "

" Monsters don't get happy endings... "

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Image of Ky
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