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Summary: A Native scout and tracker from Fall Valley


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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Native (Primative)

Time/Place of Origin

Savage Land Native


Neko - Scout, Tracker, Hunter...


Kaz stands at just over 5'5" with long blond/ brown hair and green Cat-like eyes. Kaz has a lean athletic build covered in a layer of soft tan fur and a long slender tail.

Kaz's typical dress consists of a leather lyon cloth and triangular top.


A native to the Savage Lands, Kaz is a member of one of the assorted catlike races that can be found scattered throughout the lands though not nearly as numerous as the human or Eloi races.

Kaz herself was adopted by Mother and the peoples of the Valley when she was just a kitten though the how and why leading up to that event are long forgotten.

Mother secretly suspected that Kaz's orphaned status was the result of clashes between Kaz's tribe and hunters from the Man Tribes to the West.

A constant companion of Taal in her youth unlike Taal however Kaz has always been strongly independent and enjoys her freedom too much to allow herself to be tied down by the demands of Fall Valley and its people's.

Kaz prefers the life of watcher and scout keeping her eye on things along the Valleys mountainous western border.


Long Bow and Arrows.
Utility Knife.
Assorted Gear and Personal Affects


Fast, Flexible, Cat-like Reflexes, Superior Night Vision and hearing.
Uneducated, Superstitious,

Favourite Sayings

"Grrrrrrr ...."

"Hisssss ...."

"Fuck with me again and I'll show you how domesticated this cat isn't... "

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